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  • Paris themed baby shower cake Couldn't have done this cake without assistance from Alisa555! Thanks for the help! Need to get a smoother BC for...
  • Graduation Cake Had fun making this cake - thanks to Alisa555 for cake decorating tips!!
  • Disney Cars themed cupcake Tried my take on Disney's design for their Cars cupcake. Thanks for looking!
  • Hockey themed cupcakes Hockey themed cupcakes, thanks for looking!
  • Disneys Frozen Inspired Cupcake Thanks For Looking Disney's Frozen inspired cupcake. Thanks for looking!
  • Paw Patrol themed cupcakes ProcMediaServlet (params=[pa=0.5&sa=0&ry=400&rx=550&cr=0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0&ls=00106559849320140428093412467.JPG&nocredit=1&ci=47a4da09b3127ccef5ade32083c300000030O00AZuWjhy1atmIPbz4W&py=4.666666666666667&px=7.0&r=0&cb=16251640&p=1&ps=50&po=0&g=2.2&f=0&bw=0.2&b=1&ph=65256&si=00106559849320140428093412467.JPG&gc=1] actions=[CachedCanvas (RawOrProxyraw(com.shutterfly.imaging.rendering.imageref.ReferenceManager$Ref@5c4b0f48, 600) | FitToSize(java.awt.Dimension[width=550,height=367], 2) | ScaleRGB(1.003937005996704, 1.003937005996704, 1.003937005996704) | Sharpen(1.2999999523162842) | ShowPrint(java.awt.Dimension[width=550,height=400], 255, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0,...
  • Cars race track cake! Thanks to Sharon Zambino who inspired me to attempt to recreate her cake. Obviously nowhere near her perfection, but I...
  • Sports Themed 1st Birthday Sports cupcake tower with baseball hat cake for my son's 1st birthday! Thanks for looking
  • Roller Skate Cake Icing plaque roller skate on top, chocolate roller skates on the bottom tier. Thanks for looking!
  • Noah's Ark cupcake tower Fondant animals and cupcake toppers. Red velvet, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Thanks for looking!
  • Spongebob cake Red velvet cake w/cream chese icing underneath fondant. Thanks for looking!
  • New York Jets Cake I made this cake for my husband for Father's Day...he is a die hard Jets fan and I wanted to...
  • Max & Ruby Cake My daughter requested this cake, and I got inspiration from CC members...thanks! TFL!
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Cake 6, 8 and 10 inch cakes with BC and fondant accents. Sadly I'm still trying to perfect my BC without...
  • Princess Tiana doll cake, cupcakes and homemade stand Thanks for looking!
  • Tiffany cake My first attempt at fondant! Obviously needs work! :(
  • Wow Wow Wubzzy!
  • Open book cake Thanks for looking!
  • Gift box cake Pink and brown 2 tiered gift box cake with paper still in bows until they dry. This is my first...
  • Green, black and white 2 tired birthday cake for a friends mom. TFL!
  • Disaster.... I don't even know what to say about this one :( I'm heartbroken!
  • Pregnant doll cake A little something different - a friend really wanted the doll cake usually reserved for wedding and princess dresses, so...
  • Tinkerbell cake/cupcake tower Made this for a friend's daughters first birthday. My "attempt" at making a tinkerbell cake. TFL!!
  • Princess cake Gum paste tiara on cake and mini gum paste crowns and flowers on cupcakes. Fondant #6. Thanks for looking!!
  • Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty Cake for my 4 year old cousin! All buttercream.
  • 052.JPG Bridal shower cupcake stand.
  • Princess Cake Here is my rendition of Boween's creation (I totally didn't get it right) but thanks for the inspiration nevertheless!
  • Father's Day Cake This is my first paid cake, and only the 2nd decorated cake I've done. Very excited about the outcome. I...
  • My very first cake! After viewing many pics on the Hugs and Stitches design, I decided to give it a go for my daughter's...