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  • Dave! Jumping onboard the Despicable Me train .. :D
  • Winter Ombre, Yay!
  • Hydrangea Ripples
  • Parisian Eiffle Tower - design inspired by ...... wow, thats a long link right there!! Is there a better way...
  • Silver and Blues
  • 50th Anniversary Affection Do sheepies hold hands? I vote 'Yes'.
  • Dalek Felicitations Such a friendly wee thing.
  • Ivory & White First long-distance delivery cake - survived intact, hurrah!! :)
  • Pink, Silver and Black Mmmm, chocolate cake .. :)
  • flamingo peonies
  • Simple Ivory
  • Black/Red Masquerade
  • Theatrical Madhatter okay, its not a wedding cake, but i couldnt see an option for the madhatter other than this one! :)...
  • Emmas
  • desert island
  • Moth Orchids
  • Lollycake wedding cake words cannot express how much fun it was to do a wedding cake made entirely of lollycake. something about the...
  • Boeing 737 .. ish! our local carrier .. :)
  • Red/Black/White Madhatter
  • lightning 2.0
  • fairy gal
  • big ben
  • wrapped rose tower
  • pink palace Choc cake and RKT towers .. and stupid waffle cone spires that rarely fractured at right angles! :)
  • birthday presents
  • Garfield the easiest cake i've ever done! loved it.
  • Rugby ball .. forgive the shape .. but here down-under, we play rugby, not american football .. :)
  • Bob & Larry Hilariously terrible cake making experience, but okay for my second cake ever - was stoked at the time! :)
  • One Big Daisy Third cake, loved it. So simple but i happen to think it looks darn cool  :D
  • Mad hatter cake holy moly, these just arent as easy as i assumed!! bottom cake is a choc mud cake with swiss meringue...
  • Sleeping Kitty Body and tail from the one round cake, smaller cake for the head. Fun cake to make! Wish i could...