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  • Butterfly Birthday
  • Ice Cream Buns
  • Football Birthday Cake
  • Fairy Garden Trees made with rice krispies to give them extra texture.
  • Sky Remote Cake
  • Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake
  • Penguin Winter
  • Pastel Suprise Birthday Cake Did this cake for my mums birthday and she loved it
  • Christmas Buns Wanted to do several different designs, it ended up with a very messy kitchen :D lol
  • Fairytale chocolate log Got the idea from a cake magazine and couldn't resist doing it
  • Gingerbread House This took me quite a while because i made over 200 buttons for the roofing!
  • Wallace and Gromit Tea Time This cake took me 3 days to complete and i was very pleased with the outcome.
  • Honey Hill
  • Chocolate cake The chocolate fudge icing on-top tasted really nice!
  • Farm cake i think that it would have been better with a farmer on top
  • Bradford City Football Club My first attempt at doing a frozen buttercream transfer and it didn't go too bad
  • Little Pig I thought that this worked out well but it took me quite a while
  • Elephant I don't really like elephants but i love this one i did
  • Little Chick I thought that this was quite good for a first attempt
  • Little Duck My first attempt at making a duck and i was very pleased
  • Get Well Soon Cake I put a lot of thought and effort into this cake and was very pleased wiht how it turned out.
  • Coffee Cake I used a coffee sponge and coffee buttercream and decorated it with chocolate triangles
  • Dart Board A simple cake with the decoration which took me hours!
  • Flowers My first attempt at making flowers
  • Cricket Bat This worked out quite well but i should have put it on a better board
  • Picnic Food sausage rolls, jam tarts, sandwiches, sausages, crisps and a swiss roll
  • Pastel Cake First attempt at using an icing nossel on a cake
  • Little Man Second attempt at a person because the first one looked like flat-pack jim
  • Button Cake Wanted to make a lot of chocolate buttons in a treasure chest sort of way
  • Sheep First time attempt at making a sheep and i think its come out quite well!
  • Chocolate Lace Cake First time trying out piping with chocolate so wanted to keep the cake simple