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  • Dragon Cake Dragon Cake, white, chocolate and pumpkin cake. Thanks to Chyana66 and Lollabrickada for your tips!
  • Safari Safari cake, 3D figures made out of fondant. 1st time making figures
  • Fruit Bowl First detailed airbrush done in class. Had a lot of fun doing this. Instructor did the picinic table though
  • mom__eugene_09.jpg Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting
  • John Deere This was for a little 6 year old boy. Him and his daddy love John Deere. BC transfer
  • Basket Weave & Royal flowers Floral Spray with RI flowers
  • Donald Duck My first BC transfer. Chocolate cake and frosting with rasberry filling. Thanks for looking.
  • Baby Bootie's Not the best, next time I would def. make the booties smaller and place them off center. Not bad for...
  • Cake_for_Final.jpg Lemon cake, frosting and filling. Overlaping Cresents were airbrushed, RI flowers and Humming bird is BC transfer. This is the...
  • BC with fondant Cheerleader Not that great of a cake I know, Hate when I leave things for the last minute.
  • Shapes Learned how to apply fondant over different shapes besides rounds and squares. This was a spice cake with spice BC...
  • Fondant Baby and blanket Learned how to make the fondant baby and blanket. The baby is a lot easier than the other ifugres I've...
  • Halloween Had a lot of trouble with this one. Started out with chocolate fondant and ended up using another class mates...
  • Painted BC on Fondant First time painting with BC, I had a lot of fun doing this, I love the way it turned out....
  • Baptism Cake BC with RI roses. Full sheet cake, half yellow and half chocolate. Thanks for looking.
  • Lilacs and Sweet Pea's Really need to practice my writing!!
  • Sunflowers BC frosting and flowers. This cake was quick and easy to do. Enjoyed doing this one. Thanks for looking
  • Sports Cupcakes Golf balls (can't really tell in the picture but they have the little dimples) Baseball, Basket Ball, Tennis and soccer...
  • Side view of shaggy dog 3D Shaggy dog side view
  • Shaggy Dog 3D Dog
  • White Cake with Lemon Curd Filling White Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and fresh lemons on top. 1st time doing the cornelli lace. Thanks everyone that...
  • Childrens Cup Cakes Last one, some of these are dublicates but wanted to get the others in that weren't in thefirst two.
  • Childrens Cup Cakes 2 of 3. I had a lot of fun doing these,
  • ChildrensCup Cakes I did these for a fundraiser for MS. Kids and adults just loved em. 1 of 3
  • 4th of July Cake I know you can see the cake starting to deforst on top of the frosting, this is the 1st time...
  • Pastel Roses
  • Story Book This was also done in fall Holidays, the Santa was a lot of fun to create.
  • Christmas Wreath This was made in fall Holiday's class it took some time but it looks very nice when it's done.
  • Baby Shower Cake for my Grandson I made this for my Daughter In Laws  Baby Shower.
  • Shower Invitation Cake Baby Shower Cake Invitation