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  • A Friend Asked Me To Make Him A Cake That Was Themed Glamour N Disco This Is What He Got He Said It Was A Bit Camp A Lot Him A friend asked me to make him a cake that was themed glamour n disco. This is what he got!...
  • When I Was Asked If I Could Do A Crocodile I Said I Had Never Done One Before And That It Might Be A Bit Cartoony I Was Secretly Pleased When I was asked if I could do a crocodile, I said I had never done one before and that...
  • Amaya 6" square cake made into these nine blocks.
  • 80th Birthday
  • South Park Made using my edible ink printer
  • Man Utd
  • Maria's Retirement
  • Jamie's 18th
  • Formula 1
  • Toadstool Fairy A card my daughter bought for me inspired this cake. I airbrushed the cake first, then added the details on...
  • Spring Wedding Quickest ever wedding cake! Purchased flower spray simply attached onto covered cakes.
  • Mr and Mr
  • Ooh er, Mrs! Made for a work colleague whose boyfriend is a traffic cop. Chocolate mud cake from a 12" tin, so was...
  • Romance Another take on an increasingly popular cake.
  • Masquerade! Painted using metallic edible paint. Lovely and sparkly in the sunlight.
  • Happy Birthday Georgina
  • Helicopy! Thank you rania for uploading your heli pic. I was asked to make a helicopter cake and yours was there...
  • Happy Birthday Jemma!
  • Mr Happy
  • Engaged This was really a cake for my daughter and her fiancee for their engagement, however, it reminds me of an...
  • Universe
  • Baby Baseball Boots
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Merry Christmas
  • Rock n Roll
  • Viagra cake For a 50th birthday, a viagra tablet. Naughty!
  • VW Campervan For my daughter's 11th birthday. She just loves "hippyvans"!
  • Gucci
  • Peppa Pig
  • Fireworks This was a white chocolate cake with darke chocolate ganache and fresh rasberries. YUM.
  • Cheers The bucket is made up of three cakes. Bottom is orange cake with lemon curd and vanilla filling, the middle...
  • My beautiful daughter's 21st birthday cake Bottom tier is chocolate mud cake and red velvet in stripes. Looked gorgeous when cut!
  • Mock Croc handbag and shoes After using my fab new croc texture mat, I sprayed the cake with glaze. I really like the effect!
  • Sylvester and Tweety Pie Made for my Dad's birthday, sponge cake.
  • Autumnal Sunflowers
  • Katie Katie is a budding actor so I thought it would be appropriate to have her in film!
  • Hippy Birthday Vaughan! Bottom tier is chocolate mud cake, next is orange cake with lemon and vanilla filling, next one is madeira sponge...
  • Exam Congratulations
  • A Cake for a Lady
  • Waybuloos!
  • Ian's 60th Birthday Cake Main photo on the cake was of Ian how he is now and the pic's on the film strip are...
  • Fishy Cookies
  • Bag and Shoes for Charlotte
  • Layken's Birthday Cake
  • Atten...shun!
  • Elmo My friend asked me to make this cake for her teenaged son who insisted he is an Emo ... !
  • Messy Bedroom
  • Cheeky Fire-Bobbies
  • Kath's 50th Birthday Cake
  • Benjamin's Christening Cake
  • The Smallholding
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Paisley Wedding Cake
  • Desperate Measures I was asked to make this cake for Phil Curran who wrote the music score for the  film, Desperate Measures...
  • Pretty
  • Paige's Christening Cake
  • Gotcha! I coloured the lemon sponge inside the cake green too, to give my nephew who the cake was for, an...
  • Jamie's X Box
  • DIY
  • Charlie's Christening Cake
  • A Cupcake Carnival! This is my favourite creation. I just love all the hot tropical colours.
  • Meatballs and Spaghetti The bowl is made from a chocolate coffee mud cake. The meat balls are Ferrero Rocher chocolates, then jam, then...
  • Wedding Dress Cake My thanks to arosstx and divaricks. This may be the most copied cake on Cake Central yet. I think it...
  • Happy Mothers Day
  • Quick Wedding Cake This was so quick to decorate - it took me about an hour! Hope you can't tell too much!
  • Marilyn Monroe This image was stencilled on to the top of the cake, using white fat then stipple brushing. First attempt at...
  • Tracey's Cake I was really pleased with how this cake turned out. Will be making similar for my Mum on Mothers' Day
  • ipad Hubby bought me an edible ink printer for Christmas and, apart from using it to print off the front ipad...
  • Pearl Wedding Two layers of sponge filled with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting.
  • Poser! Made for a friend's brother who is always clocking himself in the mirror. Printed his photo in the mirror using...
  • Card Suits These were made to complement the Queen of Hearts cake (see Fairytale category) and were really sparkly as I used...
  • Queen of Hearts Made for the hostess of an Alice in Wonderland themed party, who was dressed as - of course - the...
  • Birthday Present This is the first time I have made a fondant loop bow - it was so easy yet so effective!
  • Daley's Graduation Cake My son studied in Paris and for his graduation cake, I printed out lots of little Parisian pictures that were...
  • X Box Madeira sponge cake with jam and cream filling
  • New York! New York! Made for my nephew for his 14th birthday. He loves everything New York and is determined to go there one...
  • Camera Cake It is meant to be a Canon EOS D20. Not a replica, but for a first time of doing a...
  • Ouch! Made for a little girl who does gymnastics.
  • DJ Spud Cops Made for my step son on his 22nd birthday. His dad has always called him 'Spud Chops' and still does...
  • Girly Feminine Bow Cake
  • Shaaaaarrrk!!!! My dad has always liked sharks so this was perfect for his 77th birthday. He did chuckle when he saw...
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
  • Michael Jackson hat and glove Made for my daughter's 20 th birthday - an avid Michael Jackson fan!
  • Engaged! This cake was made for a couple of guys who met at work. 'Work' is in the tagging industry (offender...
  • Hedgehog
  • Fairy Tale Castle Cake Made for a workmate whose daughter was having her second birthday. Made using some pieces from the Wilton Romantic Castle...
  • Bon Voyage Made as a gift for my lovely friend who got herself a new job in Nigeria! Cake is chocolate mud...
  • 1282586077.JPG
  • Tracey's caravan A friend asked me to make this for her parents, who had just bought a caravan.
  • WWE Made for my daughter's boyrfriend. Has two layers of sponge with jam and cream. The ropes were made with sweet...
  • In The Night Garden
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • Ponies in Their Stables
  • Fairy Toadstool
  • Happy 21st Birthday, Laura Made for my friend's daughter, Laura, who I have known since she was a baby!
  • Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
  • BMW? Looks more like a Renault Megane! Made as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend's mum.
  • Handbag and Shoes A mint green hand bag cake with matching shoes was made for my step-daughter Kirstys 23rd birthday.

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