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  • Graduation cake School colors are yellow and purple and the graduate loves daisies.
  • Shamrock cookies
  • 3D Flower cookies
  • 3D Easter cookies I am just starting to decorate cookies. It is not as easy as it looks! I hope to get better....
  • Christmas Bear I made this cake for my son's preschool class Christmas party. The kids loved it.
  • Cupcakes Cupcake bouquets for Valentine's Day. Thanks to all of you for the ideas.
  • Noah's Ark
  • Bailey's birthday Bailey, my mom's dog, had his first birthday. I made this cake becauses all of the grandkids wanted to have...
  • Thomas cake I made this for my son's third birthday. When he saw it, he just kept saying "O thank you mommy"....
  • sarah's cupcakes My second attempt. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. What is the best material to use for greenery? What tip should...
  • Sarah's cake Here is my second attempt at fondant. I made this for my goddaughter. I am really unhappy with the bow....
  • Ethan's graduation This is a cake I made for my nephew's pre-school graduation. I think they now have a graduation for everything!...
  • Ladybug cupcake bouquet This is the first cupcake bouquet I have made. I am not happy with it. I don't think the sides...
  • First fondant cake I took a fondant class today and this is the cake I decorated. I think I am going to like...
  • "Barking on your Birthday" Got this idea from a Wilton yearbook.
  • Basketball birthday cake
  • Balloon birthday
  • Nemo Birthday cake
  • First Birthday I got this idea from one of the Wilton yearbooks.