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  • Geiko Cake, icing, ganache
  • Happy Birthday Dashound He loves his Dashound, so I made this cake for his birthday
  • Candy Heart Cake We wanted a child like cake , we got our idea from the candy hearts. Its all fondant with heart...
  • Triple Trophy Pa Hunting Bear, Turkey, Buck This was made for a birthday party, he got triple trophy Bear ,Turkey and Buck (Dear), Fondant and aluminum foil...
  • 123406363664695.jpg Black Bear, fondant and aluminum foil
  • Penn State This is Penn State cake, Lion and   Paws are made of fondant, paw s are on side of cake
  • Tractor Farmall 1949 H I made this for a birthday, tractor is fondant and cake, tires are fondant on the outside, inside is plastic,...
  • Victoria's Secret  bag Practice practice,  I make my cakes for practice, so that someday I will do this with ease, I will be...
  • My Little Pet shop little pet, littlest pet shop, my pet shop ,
  • Gazebo Christmas Cake Christmas cake
  • christmas holiday girl dressed in holiday cloth
  • Thanksgiving cake Scarecrow, Thanksgiving, turkey
  • Elmo Elmo party again, this time I have learned more about stacking cakes
  • 122913781745893.jpg My first over the hill
  • Baby born in the fairy woods This cake is not done, I never did creatures before and was messing around with gumpaste,  all creatures are edible,...
  • 100_2402.jpg This cake was one of my favorites , but it fell over on the way home from class, lesson learned
  • Pink and brown pretty This is my cake I made in wilton class
  • Elmo Elmo , same picture in my photo, just the entire cake this time, I wish someone would have a class...
  • Elmo Elmo is for my grandchild , he loves Elmo and Love Cooking
  • 100_2190.jpg wilton course
  • 100_2201.jpg Ninja Turtle Mutants
  • 100_2208.jpg XBox 360 Controller
  • 100_2214.jpg XBox 360 and controller
  • baby carriage