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  • Black and White 12, 9, 6 rd
  • dble pine apple upside down cake dble pineapple upside down cake for birthday of owner of Night Club who loved his upsidedown cakes.
  • 60th anniversay    "all white" 2/3 sheet all white anniversary cake
  • fondant flower garden fondant cover garden cake with fondant picket fencing, and flowers, with pearl border
  • dora cup cake- cake cup cakes were adhered to board with whipped frosting and then frosted over dora was then drawn on with tinted...
  • buzz lightyear birthdaycake for lil boy, buzz light year was his fav...I drew with egar, then airbrushed with color.
  • celebration of life friends passing/celebration of life w Hawaii theme
  • hibiscus La Quinceanera 2 tiered hibiscus La Quinceanera
  • wyndotte High Bulldog mascott
  • Rnd Choc Scroll wedding
  • black boot sugar cookies
  • Tim Burton's movie "Corps Bride" cake topper sculpted out of fondant
  • floral birthday
  • wedding cake w/ scroll work
  • bridal cake
  • topsy_turvy_1.JPG top/tur wedding cake
  • first comm. 1/2 sht, buttercrm
  • anniversay sq with fondant bow & ribbons 10 sq dbl, 7 sq dbl, fondant ribbon and bow
  • brats cake 1/2 sht colored frosted
  • small bridel cake dbl 10, dbl 7, french buttercrm
  • Willie Mays Birthday cake full sht, two stadiums candlestick, and yank's cake was on national mag cover..whaaaaa hooo!...smile
  • red car 1/4 sht, frosted in colors
  • small country wedding 1/2 sht, dble 6 rd, buttercrm
  • anniversary dbl sq 12, dbl rd 8, dble rd 6buttercrm
  • Hex wedding cake
  • round stacked with rose cascade

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