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  •  2008 Olympic Cake   This was an Olympic cake that I made for my school. We are using the Olympic theme with our school...
  •  Zebra Purse   4 layers with strawberry cream cheese filling. Buttercream icing coverd with fondant. Done for a friend's birthday that loves purses.
  •  Spring   3-8" layers with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing. Then covered with fondant and fondant accents.
  •  Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake   This was done for my Kindergarten class when we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. They loved it.
  •  Good Luck   3 layer present cake. Cream cheese and strawberry filling. Has buttercream icing under the fondant. Fondant bow and accent pieces.
  •  Easter Basket Cakes   Two Easter baskets cakes for work. White cake covered by chocolate buttercream icing. Eggs are Reese Peanut Butter eggs coverd...
  •  Lsu Purse   This was done for a friend for her daughters birthday. White cake with coconut filling with buttercream icing. Then covered...
  •  Spring Strawberries   Sour cream pound cake with fresh strawberries. Served with cream cheese dipping sauce.
  •  Lsu Birthday Cake   1/2 of the Wilton football pan covered in chocolate buttercream. Field is chocolate cake covered in buttercream icing. Done for...
  •  Easter Bonnet   Bottom of cake was baked on a pizza pan. Top of bonnet was baked in a glass bowl. Covered in...
  •  Mardi Gras Ball Birthday Cake   White cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Was doen for my god child' 16th birthday. She had a Mardi...
  •  Dog Wedding   6" top cake and 8" bottom cake with coconut filling. Buttercream icing covered with fondant and fondant accents.