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  • 3 Tier Cakes 108 And 2 And A Half 6 Cakes With Crabbypattys In Choc And White Cupcakes *3 tier cakes, 10,8 and 2 and a half 6' cakes. with crabbypattys in choc and white cupcakes
  • Red Gumpaste Shoe *red gumpaste shoe
  • Choc Cake With Assorted Fresh Fruit *choc cake with assorted fresh fruit
  • Floating Coke Can Cake *floating coke can cake
  • Purple And Black Wedding Cake Square *purple and black wedding cake square
  • A Red Hi Heel Gumpaste Shoe *a red hi heel gumpaste shoe
  • A Small 3 Tier Cake For Baptismal Cross Is Gumpaste And Angel Is Also Gumpaste *a small 3 tier cake for baptismal, cross is gumpaste and angel is also gumpaste
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  • All Fondant Cake 14 Size all fondant cake 1/4 size
  • 3 Tier Wedding Cake With All Bc 3 tier wedding cake with all bc
  • At The Birthday Cake Table at the birthday cake table
  • strawberry shortcake strawberry cake
  • dora cake 2 layer dora cake
  • dallas cowboy cheerleader cake
  • cupcakes cupcakes with bc and zebra print with a hi heel shoe
  • betty boop 9 by 9 cake with bc icing, and buttercreme transfer
  • 60th birthday 2 tier iced in bc
  • lady bug theme 2 tier lady bug cake with bc and mmf accents. lady bug is 6' cake with fondant
  • alice in wonderland cupcake all handmade decorations in fondant
  • alice in wonderland a cupcake with fondant decorations
  • alice in wonderland cupcake with the mad hatters tea party. all handmade with fondant
  • alice in wonderland cupcake all handmade fondant decorations
  • mad hatters tes party cupcake all hand made tea party with fondant
  • alice in wonderland the mad hatters hat, all handmade with fondant
  • alice in wonderland cupcake all decorations are handmade out of fondant
  • alice in wonderland all fondant
  • belly cake 2 -10in cakes for belly and 2-6in for boobs, iced in bc with fondant bikini
  • betty boop cake a 8' cake in bc with gumpaste betty boop
  • onesie cake a 1/4 sheet size cake shaped into a baby onesy! all bc
  • birthday cake 3 tier cake with bc
  • picture b-day cake 3 tier cake w/bc and edible images of bday girl, her kids and grandkids
  • angry birds 3 tier angry birds design, thanks to pattycakes10 for her cake on this site. bc with mmf,
  • baby shower cake unusual request for a tree trunk cake with babys name airbrushed in heart! all bc icing, butterflys are silk.
  • mirandas cake 3 tier square wedding cake with red and purple roses
  • zebra cake zebra cake made all with bc icing
  • mickey and minnie cupcakes cupcakes with oreos for decoration
  • mickey and minnie cake a simple cake with bc icing and used oreos for minnie and mickey
  • baseball cake 8' cake iced in bc
  • owl cake owl cake 6' cake with bc and mmf
  • birthday cake stacked 2 tier cake bc and mmf
  • baby shower safari theme 3 tier stacked cake with mmf and bc, with gumpaste  animals
  • dora 10' cake shaped into doras face
  • nascar theme 1/4 sheet cake with a pic of #24 car
  • sports cake of texans 1/2 sheet cake with bc and edible image of texans helmet
  • megans cake 6 and 8 in. mmf and bc
  • haleys cake 8 and 6" cakes for girls b-day, bc and mmf
  • grad cake/ army high school grad cake, and he was going into army. combined both. all cake except for brim of hat that...
  • grad cake green course was 3 half sheets. callaway golf cake bag was 2 half sheets, bc and fondant
  • shoe cake gumpaste shoe, shoebox is cake
  • candy skillets cake for kids b-day, loves the candy!
  • 1/2 sheet grad cake high school grad cake
  • quince cake 4 tier topsy turvey cake
  • sour patch box bcreme cake and mmf.
  • Hello Kitty 8 Inch Hello Kitty With Mmf
  • cheetah pink cheetah with lime green gp bow
  • baseball themed cake baseball theme, gumpaste cap and baby converse shoes. mmf and bc
  • baseball hat baseball hat and 10' cake used as a base
  • easter basket 8' cake with bc. fondant and gumpaste bow and handle with daisys
  • double hearts side by side hearts. buttercreme iced
  • crown and pillow 1st crown i made. from gumpaste.
  • baby chucks baby chucks for shower cake
  • pillow cake pillow cakes with fondant
  • zebra cake 2 tier. 10 and 8 stacked. bc amd mmf