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  •  Wall-E   I made this cake for my 6 year old, he was thrilled with it.
  •  Baby Shower Gifts   This was my first attempt at this cake, I learned a couple of things to do and not to do....
  •  Rubber Ducky Cupcake Bouquet
  •  Teacher Bouquet
  •  Teacher's Birthday Bouquet   I made this cupcake bouquet for a teacher's birthday. My first cupcake bouquet and I enjoyed doing it...can't wait to...
  •  Froggy Baby Shower Cake   I made this cake a day before the baby shower. Since the girl ordering the cake worked at the school...
  •  Dentist Visit   I made this cake for my mom's dentist, he had done such a great job on her implants that I...
  •  Elmo Birthday Cake   I was asked to make an edible Elmo and I said "sure I can make that", I had no clue...
  •  High School Musical   This cake was made for my nephew for the High School Musical theme party he had.
  •  Rubber Ducky   This was my first cake I made for a baby shower. It took me 6 hours to make.