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  •  Pirate Ship Cake   I stole this idea from cakecentral.com. It was harder than it looked. My husband helped me do it.
  •  Superman   sheet cake with sugar sprinkles stenciled on - and an action figure stuck in it!
  •  Gingerbread Nativity  I can't take credit for this one. It was a collaboration with Jarnli and much of our family. Gingerbread stable, jollyrancher stained...
  •  Strawberry Cake   strawberry cake with green BC and red sugar stenciled with real strawberry leaves
  •  Banana Cake  It was my first cake for my first child. I wanted less sugar (?) so I used a banana cake recipe. The banana icing was too runny, but the...
  •  Ice Cream And Fruit Cake   Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream softened and mixed with berries. Berries and hershey's syrup added for serving
  •  Spiderman Cake   chocolate cake. white whipped frosting. buttercream decorations. i am terrible at writing with frosting. sheesh.

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