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  •  Hello Kitty   I was inspired by Johelie's Hello Kitty for this kitty cake.
  •  Wilton Cupcake Pan Bouquet  Another cake I made for my nephew's fundraiser 2 years ago and never posted. Not too happy with the flat flowers but I had made 3...
  •  Tree Trunk Cake   I made this for an Eagle Scout bake sale for my nephew a few years ago. Buttercream icing and fondant decorations.
  •  Easter Chick   I made this for my nephew's Eagle Scout bake sale using Wilton's comma pan.
  •  Hello Kitty   This was a practice Hello Kitty which never made it to a cake.
  •  Tina's Hello Kitty Birthday Cake  A cake made a few years back that I never added. Painted cheetah design on fondant. Mixed food color and vodka to paint. 8" & 6 &...
  •  Aloha 60!   I made this for my husband's 60th birthday. 7" high, 8" round. Covering it in Satin Ice went surprisingly easy!
  •  Prince Tribute Cake  I was inspired by digital artist SonofEllis' picture of Prince and of course saddened by Prince's passing & made this. I don...
  •  The So Rosa Cake! Dirndls, Dachshunds & Vw Vans  Rosa turned 90 and I decided to make a cake with her favorite things - Dirndls, Dachshunds & VW Vans - She has had man of each in her...
  •  Tina's Pet Carrier Cake  This was supposed to be a Louis Vuitton cake but the cutters I had didn't work out. I put the cat on last minute because I didn't...
  •  Mike's Thailand Birthday   We celebrated a friend's birthday at a Thai restaurant so I tried to do something in their style.
  •  Bonni's Anniversary Cake   This was a cake made last year for a co-worker friend who loves elephants.
  •  Peggy's Vintage Lace & Rose Cake  I thought this would be an easy cake! I wanted to use up ivory fondant & was going to do something else with it but decided to use the...

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