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  • Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Buttercream icing.  9" round and two 6" rounds.  Found the idea on here since Wilton doesn't make the Mickey pan...
  • Sponge Bob Cake Fondant covered cake.  Painted with foodcolor / vanilla mix.  Sponge Bob sculpture out of fondant and gumpaste mix.  Edible markers....
  • Wedding Shower Cookies Fondant covered sugard cookie cut outs.
  • Square Wedding Cake This was the first time I tried gumpaste / fondant flowers like this.  I had fun making them.  Everything else...
  • pink baby shower cake buttercream w/ fondant & gumpaste accents
  • Snow White Birthday Cake Snow White Cake.  Fondant covered dress and fondant Dopey figure.  Buttercream icing with royal icing flowers.
  • LG Blue Chocolate Cell Phone Birthday Cake LG Blue Chocolate Cell Phone Birthday Cake.  White cake with fondant accents.
  • Babyland Candyland Themed Baby Shower Cake Babyland Candyland Themed Baby Shower Cake.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
  • Steelers Football Cake Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.
  • WWE Birthday Cake WWE Birthday Cake. Chocolate with chocolate cream filling.  Fondant with edible marker designs.  Dowel rods for posts with licquorish ropes....
  • Turtle Birthday Cake Wondermold pan.  Fondant head with styrophome hat covered in fondant and buttercream. Inspiration found on CC for this cake.
  • Hunting Camping birthday cake Buttercream with fondant and gumpaste mix accents.
  • ipod birthday cake Buttercream covered in Wilton Fondant.  Black buttercream outlines.  Thanks for the inspiration on CC for this cake.
  • baby shower cake pink and purple Pink and purple themed baby shower cake.  Covered in Wilton fondant.  Fondant and gumpaste hand sculpted figure.  Fondant accents with...
  • Basinette Baby Shower Cake Basinette baby shower cake.  Thanks for the inspiration on CC for this one.  8'' oval cake from wilton 2 class...
  • 1st birthday cake 1st birthday cake for my friend's daughter.  Buttercream covered in Wilton Fondant.  Fondant / gumpaste figures.
  • Pink Rose Brown and Ivory colored cake Buttercream icing with pink fondant flowers.  I made this cake for a bake sale for the breast cancer walk.
  • Spiderman Birthday Cake Spiderman Birthday Cake.  Buttercream icing. Toy action figure topper.
  • Brown and Ivory Wedding Cake Brown and Ivory buttercream yellow cake with strawberry filling.  This was my first wedding cake that I did this weekend.
  • Fender Guitar Cake This was my first attempt at a guitar cake.  It turned out pretty well in the end.  Carved yellow cake...covered...
  • Daddy's Little Sports Star Baby shoer cake. MMF with MMF accents. Buttercream grass.  I made this for a baby shower for a guy at...
  • Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake Noah's Ark baby shower cake.  U.S.S.Noah on the side (hard to see in the lighting)  MMF with gumpaste and mmf...
  • Pirate Birthday Cake Fondant and gumpaste accents on buttercream.  Ground up Nilla waifers for the sand.
  • heart to heart heart to heart themed cake for a church function
  • baby shower cookies baby shower cookies
  • Tweety Bird Tweety Bird birthday cake.  Fondant Tweety...fondant accents on buttercream icing.

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