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  • Wedding Cake
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  • Shannon.jpg
  • Devan1.jpg Here is a cake I did for a girl and didnt even get a thank you. Everything is homemade.
  • Diane.jpg
  • Oshia.jpg Yellow cake and all BC icing.
  • Cindy.jpg This is a cake I done for a good friend of mine. Yellow cake and all BC icing.
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  • LLOYD I had to come up with a retirement cake in 2 days. I dont think it turned out too bad....
  • Ryan.jpg I got this pic out of a coloring book I got at our local dollare store.
  • Easter_08.jpg First Easter Cake. After we had cut it I remembered I didnt put on the whiskers...What a laugh we had.
  • Taylor.jpg This is a cake for a friend that loves Hannah Montana. Only thing I hate is the lavendericicng shows up...
  • Dallas
  • Braves
  • NC
  • NC
  • Church for Feb.
  • Dacing
  • Dogs for Brooks
  • Cakes_044.jpg My favorite cake
  • 12025266698007.jpg My first wedding cake.

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