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  • Pocket Bike This was my version of a pocket bike had some structual issues but overall I think it turnes out well....
  • Birthday Puzzle This was a combo had a puzzle book,remote control, a  birthday cupcake and a cup.  Everything is edible
  • Mickey Mouse This wasn't my design but what a mother requested.
  • Graduation Cake This was request for a graduation celebration. Everything is edible.
  • Huskie Graduation Cake The logo is hand traced on rice paper.
  • Dobb Hat This was for a 65th birthday for a man who loves hats. Fondant covered with handrawn feathers on side.
  • CandyLand Thsi was my vision of candyland. This was for a sweet sixteen celebration.
  • basketball_Musicgrad.jpg This was for two 8th graders.
  • X Box 360 3D X Box
  • High School Musical
  • Lady face This cake was done in memory for a fellow cake decorators mom. She ask me to help and this is...
  • Wrestling Ring
  • Wedding Cake This is my first attempt at this type/style cake. Hope it works...LOL!
  • Hat and Bible This was for a 92rd birthday. The hat was inspired by a real hat the guest of honor had.
  • The Detroit Science Ctr New School This was my first commission for a major event.
  • Blue Face Rolex
  • Mardi Gras Birthday Thanks to so many cc for the inspiration for this cake. A special thanks to tanyacakes since I used her...
  • Betty Boop This was made for a young lady who loved betty boop. I gave her spot lights, her own street.
  • Revised_queen.jpg
  • Mason Cake
  • Hannah Montana
  • Sweet 16
  • Tennis Guy Looking at lady Guy looking at lady..this was a request.     lol!
  • Cars Cake
  • Chanel Purse
  • Slot Machine Evertything is edible