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  •  Easter Egg Cake  I had 16 hours warning (including sleep time and a 6 hour shift) that this cake was needed. Wanted something easter but....coconut!!...
  •  Dolphin Cake  And it's finished - I had to resort to toothpicks to support the dolphins - next time I will have to make sure I have more time to let...
  •  Dolphin Base  This is the final cake before I added the color flow dolphins. On this one I experimented with adding ruffle (class has not started yet),...
  •  Floral Basket - Front   The front of the cake - didn't have to compensate for that dip here!
  •  Floral Basket - Back   Back View of Final Cake for Class II
  •  Prosperity Under The Rainbow   the first cake in the Wilton one class. It didn't come out to bad
  •  Grape Clusters On Brownies   if anybody has photo editing that can clean this pic up, your welcome to do it!
  •  Pagan Bear   It took putting his shirt on the copier, then draping it over the chair, but I got his fetish on a cake for him - and in his colors too!
  •  Headless Clown Of Sleepy Hollow   This is the Clown Cake from Wilton Course one, Lesson 3