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  •  Watermelon Cake   Very simple watermelon cake, two layers, all BC.
  •  Graduation Cake   For my sister, who just graduated from U of Michigan. I did a D for Deborah instead of the usual M. :)
  •  Beach Cake   (too?) simple beach cake. Crushed vanilla wafers for sand, fondant sandals/beach towel. BC waves, water
  •  Racetrack Cake   Not my favorite, I was in a hurry and the grass didn't turn out how I was picturing it, BC too soft. But it was fun :)
  •  Holiday Wreath Cake   White MMF w/buttercream greenery, pine cones and holly, fondant bow. I would change a few things next time.
  •  Sushi Basket Cake   Thanks to the other folks who made sushi cakes, because I definitely was inspired by them! Fun stuff!
  •  Guitar Cake  My sister plays the guitar, so I thought I'd try this one for her birthday. There are a few things I'd do differently next time,...