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  •  I Dream Of The Sea   For a 16th birthday party for a girl who wants to be a marine biologist!
  •  First Year Sails Away
  •  Amelia Earhart  This was an entry for the 2013 STITR competition themed "flight". It's an ode to Amelia Earhart and her big dreams of flying...
  •  Poinsettia & Owl Cake  This was my submission to the wonderful Half Baked Blog entry for Christmas. Sorry it took me so long to post! It won the final cake for...
  •  Zombie   Zombie cake for a 41st birthday. I had too much fun with the details!!
  •  Blushing Blue   The other cake I did for STITR 2012.Sugar peonies and ranunculus.Won first place Masters tiered cakes and won division.
  •  Butterfly Girl  She stands, well sits, at 3 feet tall. She was a piece for the "Butterfly Migration" theme at STITR competition. She won 1st...
  •  Pom Pom Dahlia
  •  Peony
  •  Fall Inspired Modern Cake
  •  Sugar Ranunculus
  •  White Sugar Rose
  •  Cherry Blossoms