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  •  12 Ct Cupcake Cake   12 cupcakes decorated with buttercream for Memorial Day
  •  T. Rex Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes decorated with buttercream and airbrushed
  •  Beach Themed Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes with an airbrushed background and buttercream piped parrot, flowers and palm tree
  •  Girly Owl Cupcake Cake   24 ct cupcake cake done in buttercream with an airbrushed background.
  •  Dinosaur Cupcakes   24 cupcakes iced in buttercream and airbrushed to look like a dinosaur
  •  Buttercream Raptor Cake   I iced this cake in dark blue buttercream, then piped the dinosaur on it in white buttercream, in layers and...
  •  Buttercream Dinosaur Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes with a buttercream piped dinosaur on top. I did this one in white buttercream and in layers, airbrushed...
  •  Luau Cake With Volcano   10" layer with a volcano made from 2 8" layers, a 6" layer and a 4"layer, all iced in buttercream...
  •  Marine Corps Infantry School Graduation Cake   2 tier cake iced in buttercream and airbrushed camo. Fondant bullets, dog tags, chocolate EGA painted gold and cupcake grenades
  •  Beast Cupcakes From Beauty & The Beast   6 cupcakes decorated in buttercream icing done as the Beast
  •  Jake And The Neverland Pirates Cake   8" square cake, iced and decorated in buttercream, with a chocolate treasure chest and a fondant gator. the 2 tier...
  •  New York Theme Cupcake Cake   48 cupcakes iced in buttercream. This was for a vacation bible school with a New York theme
  •  48 Ct. Cupcake Cake Statue Of Liberty   48 cupcakes, iced in buttercream, design drawn on and airbrushed in

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