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  •  Buttercream Chameleon Cake  I made this out of a 1/4 sheet for the log, and a single 8" round chocolate cake. All iced and decorated with buttercream and then...
  •  Buttercream Dinosaur 1/2 Sheet Cake  1/2 sheet marble cake iced and decorated with buttercream. I freehand piped the dinosaur with white buttercream, then airbrushed the...
  •  T. Rex On A 12" Round Cookie Cake   Buttercream T. rex on a cookie cake.
  •  Buttercream Frog On A 24 Ct Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes, decorated with buttercream and airbrushed with a buttercream piped tree frog on top
  •  Zombie Cupcake Cake   13 cupcakes decorated with buttercream frosting, red piping gel blood and airbrushed shadows/highlights
  •  Baby Triceratops Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes decorated with buttercream and airbrush
  •  Buttercream Cardinal On A 12" Round Cookie   12" round chocolate chip cookie decorated with buttercream frosting and airbrushed highlights
  •  Buttercream Horse Cake   8" round cake decorated like the birthday girl's plates for her party. All buttercream with an airbrushed background.
  •  Buttercream Panda Sheet Cake  This was a 1/4 sheet cake, decorated with buttercream. I airbrushed the background, then piped the panda in white buttercream and...
  •  Buttercream Pancakes  This was an 8" round cake, double layered and frosted in buttercream. I airbrushed the highlights and made the syrup out of corn syrup...
  •  Buttercream Sea Turtle Cake   I made this one out of a egg shaped single layer cake, iced it in white buttercream and airbrushed it.
  •  12 Ct Cupcake Cake   12 cupcakes decorated with buttercream for Memorial Day
  •  T. Rex Cupcake Cake   24 cupcakes decorated with buttercream and airbrushed

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