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  •  My First Cupcake Wedding!  White, chocolate, & red velvet cupcakes. White were decorated with "wedding words"; red velvet had the couple's initials...
  •  Katie's First Communion   I did several of these 1/4 sheets; same basic design, different colors to match party decor. All b/c
  •  Happy Easter!   all b/c; large oval pan with smaller egg cakes on the side.
  •  40 Year Old Birthday   10" round single layer with b/c. Spinner was attached to a dowel and it worked! Thanks to CCers for their inspiration:)
  •  Tennis Graduation Cake   1/2 sheet all b/c for a tennis player at McKendree College.
  •  100_1036.jpg  a birthday cake made for an 80 year old woman who is known as Mom, Grams, and Gr-grams. The pattern matched the napkins they were using for...
  •  1785617-R1-014-5A.jpg  Chocolate cupcakes made into tea cups. This was done about three years ago when I was just getting started. They were a PAIN! But lots of...
  •  100_0688.jpg   white 1/4 sheet with b/c for a history teacher at my school. He HATES birthdays so this just rubbed it in:)
  •  Graduation Cap   I get soooo many orders for this pan. People order this as a centerpiece with sheet cakes to serve. All b/c
  •  Nick's Football Birthday   10" rounds stacked, all b/c; footballs surround the sides with football words (block, punt, etc)
  •  Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake   1/2 sheet all b/c for a man who hasn't grown up:)