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  • hearts
  • One Happy Cake!
  • For my new niece Lana
  • for my mom's b-day
  • simple a simple cake for @ work
  • ChocolateBar Cake :) I made this one for my best friend, who loves Chocolate & Cake..
  • Pokemon
  • sandcoloured weddingcake with roses What can I say.. it's a weddingcake :)
  • weddingtasting tasting for a weddingcake, just some happy colors :)
  • cherryblossom
  • pink with a lot of dots!
  • Cupcakes for an English high tea Cupcakes for an English high tea
  • sweet red cake with little pink roses sweet red cake with little pink roses
  • sweet royal & simple
  • sweetheart ;)
  • one happy cake, My niece (2 years old) chose the colors for this cake for my dads birthday.. I just wanted to make...
  • Memorycake for a little angel Jivan passed away at birth, his parents wanted to have a memorycake for him so they could remember him with...
  • landscape cake for Rubens first birthday It had to be a "boy-ish"cake with simple cars and a train on it, so I stacked this cake for...
  • piece of cake ;) exactly one year ago I made my first cake for my niece Jorja.Tomorrow is her 3rd birthday and I was...
  • Start spreading the News... NY! This is a cake for a friend of mine, who is going to propose to his girlfriend, is she says...
  • this cake makes you happy My mother-in-law has turned 60! reason for this fun cake..
  • Hello.. KITTY :) isn't she sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet?
  • Lightning Lightning McQueen in the desert ! :)
  • Lovely Ladybird for Sarah This weekend was Sarahs Birthday,^& all she wanted was a ladybirdcake.Can't refuse that can you ? :)
  • purple cake a simple retro purple cake, but cute I think :)
  • Welcome Home Noek! with a cute sheep :) The text is in dutch, it means: Noek ( =child's name), Welcome Home!Noek is a first born and she was...
  • Funky pink zebra stripes! I just went a little crazy today, with a pink cake with zebra stripes & a fondant bow.For a lady...
  • Weddingcake as presents The bride wanted a cake with bows, and their invitation was  white, orange & silver.This is what I've made for...
  • Twins! fot the birth of twins for a friend of mine this cake,the babies are made from chocolatefondant! :)
  • wedding cake white magenta & brown
  • Lightning McQueen comes out of a tunnel Cars cake!
  • sandcoloured wedding cake with roses As the dress, the cake is sandcoloured and sprayed with pearl spray.
  • Spiderman!!!! what's there to say.. it's a spiderman cake!
  • topse turvy in blue/green A topsy turvy for my hubbies b'day.
  • cars cake! with lightning McQueen & Sally
  • Retrocake bright pink en limegreen as the title said: a bright pink and limegreen retrocake with a bowdecorated with marzipan.Loved to make this cake (...
  • Miffy cake A Miffy cake for a little girl calles "guusje"(dutch name) it's her 2nd birthday tomorrow.Miffy is a little rabbit, with...
  • a happy cake with dots and a bow
  • a fun poisongreen retrocake
  • for my neighbour who loves gardening!
  • baby on cake for the birth of Nymke on feb. 10th..
  • piratecake one cool piratecake!! he lovessss pirates.. :)