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  •  Grumpy Cake  I did this for a one of my bosses at work. He said he just didn't want a cake this year so I had to do this! I did this FBCT at the...
  •  My 1St Fbct (Family Helped Decorate The Rest) :)  Since we had our 2 yr old birthday party eary (so that my 2 daughters could share a party) my hubby wanted to have another cake for her on...
  •  Care Bears  I did this for a friend at work. I wish I had tried the FBCT, but didn't know about it yet!!! She was happy with it so thats all that...
  •  Bowling Cake   The large cake for the party. My 6 yr old loves pink so I did it all that way.
  •  My Daughters Bowling Party  This is what I did for my daughters' party. One daughter turning 2 and one daughter turning 6. We had the party at the bowling alley...
  •  Tinkerbell   A cake for another lady at my office - she collects faires, so who better to have on your cake than Tinkerbell!
  •  My Best-Friends 40Th Birthday  This was my 1st stacked cake - I wanted to do something special for her 40th, but she didn't really want it advertised how old she was...
  •  Another View Of Course Ii Final Cake
  •  Course Ii Final Cake   This was sooo much fun! I love basketweave. Chocolate BC with RI flowers.
  •  Purple Roses   A birthday cake I did for a lady in my office. I got carried away with the leaves, but still learning!
  •  Elephant Cake   I did this cake for my cousin who loves elephants - I wish I had know how to do the FBCT then....
  •  Giant Christmas Tree Cookie   I used an 11x15 cake pan for this cookie. It was yummy!Inspired by another CC member - Thank you!
  •  My 1St Rose!   This was a cake I did for my mom's birthday. I was taking Course 1 and was only into the class on my 3rd class when I did this).