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  •  Father's Day Cake   For my father in law, who likes flowers
  •  Mother's Day Cake  Flourless chocolate sponge, walnut+coffee sponge, mascarpone filling inside, chocolate ganache on the outside, and Korean buttercream...
  •  Flying Teacup Topiary Gravity-Defying Cake  The cake is almond chocolate cake cake-pop mix with chocolate ganache (hardens well around the fork supporting the cup), and tiramisu...
  •  Bowl Of Noodles Cake   Tiramisu cake inside the outer layers separating it from fondant. Chopsticks are real, the rest is fondant:gumpaste 1:1 mix.
  •  Valentine's Day Cake   Chocolate-walnut cake with chestnut buttercream. Mice and flowers are gumpaste.
  •  Knitting Basket Birthday Cake   Chocolate-walnut cake, gumpaste basket and flowers.
  •  Coral Reef Cake  walnut sponge and meringue layers, with whipped cream. Covered with cookie crumbs+butter mixture, then decorated with fondant, marzipan and...
  •  Singe Tier Wedding Cake   Walnut cake with chestnut buttercream, gumpaste flowers
  •  Single Tier Wedding Cake   Tiramisu cake, covered with chestnut buttercream and fondant. Gumpaste violets and birds.
  •  Tiramisu Cake  vanilla sponge soaked with coffee+kahlua, mascarpone cream, dark chocolate ganache on the outside. Covered in fondant, with gumpaste...
  •  Apple Cake   Apple cake with vanilla pastry cream and apple roses in jelly.
  •  Spring Chocolate Cake  Covered with sugar paste-modelling chocolate mix, decorations are cold porcelain (birds) and gumpaste (snowdrops). snow is royal icing +...
  •  Chestnut-Tiramisu Cake