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  •  Red Puppy Cake  This cake was made with love for my neighbor's son who has an obseesion with his stuffed red puppy, which is featured here along side...
  •  Jungle Cake - Another Angle
  •  Jungle Theme Bas Mitzva Cake
  •  Chococale 1/4 Sheet Cake
  •  Chocolate Birthday Cake   Chocolate cake with chocolate mousseline buttercream filling and ganache coating.
  •  Over The Hill Cake   This was fun to make. Thanks you all for the idea!
  •  25$ Cake   This is the other 25$ cake I gat carried away with...
  •  $25 Cake  This was supposed to be a simple cake for $25 and I got carried away. Chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, vanilla french...
  •  Carriage On Sheet Cake  This is a shameless imitation of AndiSC's beautiful baby carriage cake. I just loved her cake when I saw it - so darling! This one is...
  •  Super Bowl Cake   A lot of work! The "C" is backward on teh bears cake - to my chagrin!
  •  Scotch Bottle Gift Basket Cake
  •  Upsherin Train Cake   This is a better picture I hope!
  •  Upsherin Train Cake  This is my labor of love for my delicious 3 yr old. An upsherin is a ceremony for a Jewish boy's first haircut. The trains were made...