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  • Christening Blue Cross Rosary Marble butter cake with sweet butter cream icing.  Home made marshmallow fondant ribbons and bows.  Gumpaste cross.
  • Sail boat on the ocean blue Marble van/choc fudge cake with butter cream.  Boat is cake covered in fondant.  Sails are gumpaste.
  • BAMA Roses Birthday Cake BAMA Roses Birthday Cake.  Chocolate fudge tiers with ganache filling and covered in butter cream.  Fondant and gumpaste roses and...
  • Roll Tide Alabama BAMA Roll Tide.  Vanilla with butter cream and fondant.  I used one of those sugar sheets for the houndstooth this...
  • US Navy Sea Cadets Birthday Cake US Navy Sea Cadets Birthday Cake.  Vanilla Chocolate marble cake with vanilla butter cream and home made marshmallow fondant flag...
  • FSU Fishing Tackle Box FSU Fishing Tackle box.  Vanilla cake with butter cream covered in home made marshmallow fondant.
  • FSU Cake Vanilla cake with butter cream and home made marshmallow fondant.  Golden chocolate candies.
  • Baseball Cake Chocolate fudge cake with mocha butter cream and fondant covered cake ball.
  • Candy Cake Vanilla cake and butter cream with candy.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vanilla cake and butter cream covered in home made marshmallow fondant.
  • Bird House Baby Shower  Vanilla cake and butter cream.  Home made marshmallow fondant with fondant/gumpaste birdhouse and ribbon.
  • New England Patriots Football Team Logo New England Patriots Football.  Triple chocolate fudge cake with malted milk ball buttercream icing.  Marshmallow fondant Pats Logo and lettering....
  • Fish in the Sea Anniversary Cake Plenty of Fish Anniversary Cake. This cake is a cake upon a cake. Two layer triple choc fudge cake covered...
  • Welcome Aboard Sail Boat Nautical Welcome Aboard Sail Boat Nautical.  Marble cake covered in butter cream with fondant waves and 50/50 fondant/gumpaste sail boat.
  • Pink Ruffles
  • Artist Palette Art Paint Palette.  2 layer Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and vanilla marshmallow fondant.  So Vanilla~
  • Father's Day wooden tree Vanilla cake and buttercream with fondant accents
  • Father's Day Chocolate Cake Choc cake with fondant and chocolate tools
  • Luau Tiki Doctor cake Vanilla Chocolate alternating layers covered in van/almond buttercream covered in home made marshmallow fondant.  The stand is polished teak wood,...
  • Xbox 360 and controller Red Velvet Xbox 360 and controller.  Buttercream and home made mm fondant.
  • Tinkerbell cake and cupcakes Lemon and White Raspberry cupcakes.  Chocolate cake in buttercream and fondant.
  • Shark Cake Vanilla almond cake with buttercream and fondant.
  • FSU Groom's cake 12 inch square chocolate Bavarian cream cake.  Frozen Buttercream transfer of logo.  Buttercream icing.
  • Soccer Graduation 10 inch round marble and buttercream.  8 inch round bowl cake covered in fondant.  Fondant and buttercream accents
  • Red Roses Wedding Cake All Fondantgumpaste Roses Cake Was White Vanilla With Fresh Strawberry Filling And Simple Vanilla Buttercream Red Roses Wedding Cake.  All fondant/gumpaste roses.  Cake was white vanilla with fresh strawberry filling and simple vanilla buttercream.  Simple...
  • Softball Banquet Cake Full sheet.  Softball was a 10 inch bowl cake covered in yellow fondant.  All buttercream cake.

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