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  •  Hello Kitty Pb&j   peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches
  •  Cookies And Cake Pops With Cake   Hello Kitty party
  •  Helly Kitty Cake   Hello Kitty
  •  Egg Cupcakes   cupcakes made without the muffin tin so they would spread a little, buttercream iced with yellow candy melts on top for yolk.
  •  Taco Salad & Burgers With French Fries   April fools day cakes, brownie for hamburger patty, cake bun. Taco shell and cheese from candy melts.
  •  Tacos   candy melts shell and cheese, brownie meat and chopped cherries for tomotoes
  •  Jenny's Wedding Cake   square and round shapes with pearl on the sides and strands of pearls on the base.
  •  Play Station 3   grooms cake to look like a PS3, black fondant, chocolate "PS3" on top.
  •  Teacher Retirement   Buttercream roses
  •  Doggie Cake   Buttercream cake with a pattern transfer of a dachshund dog.
  •  Purse And Shoe Cake   Chanel cake - Purse, shoe box and shoe. Fondant covered cakes with gum paste shoe
  •  Carnation Cake   gum paste carnations
  •  Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes   ice cream cones filled with cake batter, baked and topped with buttercream and sprinkles.

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