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  • Bridal shower cake Bride and bridesmaids dresses They are made of rice crispie and fondant.
  • Mario and Luigi Bros Flower cake The flower is made of rice crispies
  • Communion cake Everything is made with fondant.
  • 40th Birthday Hockey Rink Toronto Maple Leafs Arena For my brothers 40th Birthday.  Toronto Maple Leaf fan did it in a very short time would have liked more...
  • Ball's  of Fun cake All balls are made of fondant the 2 larger ones are made of cake.
  • Another pokemon cake Figurine's are made of fondant.
  • Shoe shoebox jimmy choo cake My first attempt at making a full size shoe.  It was a lot of work but it was worth it.
  • Another Pokemon Cake My son just love's pokemon.  Characters are made of fondant!
  • may2009_015.jpg My hat box cake!!
  • Pokemon Battle Dome Volcano pokeball Characters made of rice crispies and fondant.  The lava made of piping gel.
  • The Ultimate Show of Love Diamond's are forever Made with fondant.
  • Hockey Duffle Gym Bag Birthday Cake This cake is for my son's 3rd birthday. He wanted a goalie theme.  The helmet skates and stick are made...
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake  Ravioli Pasta, Wine and vegetables I made this for my in-laws anniversary.  They are italian and they love growing the veggies in the garden, eating...
  • TTC Bus This one is a local bus.
  • My First Wedding Cake My first wedding cake.  I made the characters out of gum paste.  They loved it.
  • Tiara and pillow princess Cake My first tiara and pillow cake.  I had a scare an hour before the party!!  I broke the tiara.  I...
  • Hockey Jersey Shirt Rangers I made this for a friend's local hockey team.  The crest is made of fondant.  It was a huge hit.
  • Mickey  Mouse Magic Castle This was my first cake I ever made for my son's third birthday  It was a challege but I did...
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Suitcase Cake Made this for  a 50th wedding anniversary.  They love to travel. Made with fondant.
  • Communion Cake Girl's I made this one for a communion.
  • Doodlebop  Doodlebop's Birthday Cake This is my Son's 2nd Birthday cake!!!  Love's the doodlebop's.
  • Pokemon Battle Dome Characters are made of fondant.  I made this for my pokemon adoring nephew. He loved it.

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