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  • Dusky pink and burgundy rose cake Bride decided on the colors, I was left free to design the cake, very happy with the results...
  • Swarovsky crystals cake
  • Wedding cake different hight tier 7 tier wedding cake with cascading orchids
  • Pink roses Inspired by P.Porschen
  • Prada Shoe cake
  • Rapunzel cake Inspired by Debbie brown
  • Wall Street!
  • Skipping girl Inspired by Lindy Smith
  • Budgie cake Inspired by debbie brown
  • Suitcase wedding cake Inspired by Maisie Parrish
  • Winnie the pooh on a log The log is inspired by Debbie brown
  • Kennel cake
  • Roses & embroidery Wedding cake
  • Candy cake
  • Apple cake & cookies
  • Ginevra's cake
  • Castle cake
  • Minnie's Wedding
  • Baby cake Inspired by a wilton design
  • Winx
  • Spotty!! Inspired by Debbie Brown
  • fresia cake inspired by martha stuart
  • Fresia c ake Inspired by Martha struart
  • Fresia wedding cake Inspired by martha stuart
  • Purple roses wedding cake
  • Red embroidery wedding cake
  • Frog cake Inspired by Lorraine McKay
  • First Communion
  • Pois
  • Winter bathing Inspired by carol Deacon
  • Present cake
  • Nativity scene Inspired by Carol deacon
  • Motorbike cake Insired by Carol deacon
  • Motorbike cake Inspired by Lindy Smith
  • Minnie cake
  • Cat Cake This ws inspired by Lindy Smith
  • Bow wedding cake This was inspired by a picture on an australian magazine
  • Colorful Wedding Cake This design was inspired by Novelty Cakes
  • Wonky Cake This cake is inspired by one seen on Flickr, I don't know the design author though, sorry!
  • Claret cake This design is a claret version of a wilton one, the name is an idea of mine
  • Baby Shower cake This was done for my sister in law who is pregnant of a baby girl! The design was inspired by...
  • Hello Kitty Cake This is one of the first HK cake I have made infact the proportions are not quite right but you...
  • Lion cake
  • Hello Kitty I lost counts of how many HK cake I have made! This one was a ballerina version with very long...
  • Homer Simpson! This was done for a friend of mine who is totally in love with homer (???)
  • Hello Kitty cake Partly hand-painted cake
  • Gnomes cake inspired by Carol Deacon
  • Cat cake The little cat was inspired by carol deacon
  • Strawberry cake This design was inspired by Lindy Smith
  • Formula One Cake This design was inspired by Debbie Brown
  • Daisie cupcakes
  • wonky style cake This cake was inspired by a Pink Cake Box design
  • Fashion Cake This stiletto cake was made for a fashion victim! The stiletto was inspired by Confetti Cakes
  • Castle cake This cake has been made a part of a wilton castle set
  • Skying dog!
  • Blossom cake
  • Cats cake This was inspired by a Maisie Parrish design
  • Claret Roses Wedding Cake

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