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  • Psycho Bear It's Halloween and this little teddy couldn't take it anymore!
  • Photo Cake 2 This was the cake for the birthday girl to go along with the invitation-themed cake with the photo image.
  • Photo Cake This was for a neighbor's daughter's 1st birthday.  The cake looks like the invitations she sent for the party.  It...
  • Nascar Birthday Cake This was made for a friend of a friend who is a Nascar fan.  It's decorated with buttercream icing.
  • Birthday Balloon Cake This is a cake I made so I could use fondant.  I used cookie cutters to cut the letters and...
  • Golf Cake This was for a co-worker of my husband's 40th birthday - nothing fancy, but he likes to golf.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Cake This was for a co-worker of my husband for Halloween.
  • Boating Cake This was for a guy's birthday.
  • Barbie Cake This is for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  She picked out which Babrie doll she wanted and the color of the...
  • Spongebob Cake This was for a friend's 40th birthday - she loves Spongebob and I thought it would be cute.  She loved...
  • Baseball Cake This is a last-minute cake for my dad's birthday.
  • Birthday Cake My husband tricked me into making this cake for myself for my own surprise birthday party.
  • 40th Birthday cake I made this for a friend's 40th birthday bash.
  • Ducky Cake 2
  • Butterfly Cake 2 This was for my daughter's first birthday for her to eat.
  • Butterfly Cake 1 This was for my daughter's first birthday.
  • Baby Shower Cake This was a last-minute cake for a friend hosting a baby shower.
  • My Birthday Cake I never get a cake for my birthday, so I made one for myself!

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