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  • My first fondant cake The cake is covered with fondant and airbrused for the water. The whole fish is made out of fondant.
  • Belle
  • Barbie
  • Flower
  • Target Dog
  • happy anniversary
  • Military
  • Volcano Island
  • Racing through the city
  • Halloween
  • Simple wedding cake
  • Poker Cake
  • Earth Day Eart Day cake for the comapany Target
  • Beach Party This cake was for a Hawiian office party. It's a french vanilla cake decorated w/ a basic icing. The sand...
  • Building, spider man, birthday This was six cakes staked w/ lots of dowels to hold in place. Decorated w/ a basic icing and spiderman...
  • HK_BD_cake_1.JPG This was a Birthday cake for a guy that always loves to go on vacation. The bottom two cakes are...
  • CAT-DOG This cake was for a little girl who loves the cartoon cat-dog. I found a picture to go by for...
  • Betty Boop This was a Birthday Cake for a woman who loves Betty Boop. The cake is strawberry mix with homemade buttercreme...
  • graveyard cake A 5 tier cake with milano cookies for tombstones and oreo cookies for the dirt. The ghost and pumpkins were...

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