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  • Cards
  • Dora Cake
  • ruthcake.jpg
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Cake
  • 100_1186.jpg This is the front view of the football halmet.
  • 100_1187.jpg
  • 100_1107.jpg This is my 1st carved cake, and the 1st time i got the fondant right.
  • gillespewedding.JPG
  • 100_1101.jpg
  • 100_1049.jpg
  • My Mom and Dad's 33th wedding anniversary
  • DSCF1884.JPG
  • DSCF1881.JPG
  • DSCF1876.JPG
  • 100_0948.jpg this is a suringe i did for a friend
  • 100_0955.jpg
  • 100_0957.jpg this is a white chocolate buttercream icing with strawberries between the layers.
  • spiderman3d.jpg
  • kylahbirthday.jpg
  • heatherwedding.JPG
  • jessicawedding.JPG
  • sam.JPG
  • 121268684775117.JPG
  • 12126862213943.JPG
  • 121268666275578.JPG
  • 100_0350.jpg i forgot the word "it". i was a good thing it was for my mom. so if you make a...
  • 000_0364.JPG
  • 100_0790_edited.jpg
  • 100_0884.jpg
  • 100_0880.jpg
  • 100_0725.jpg
  • 100_0713.jpg
  • 100_0712.jpg
  • 100_0711.jpg
  • 100_0715.jpg
  • 100_0714.jpg
  • 100_0552.jpg
  • BARBIECAKEWITHPIGS.jpg I did this cake for my cousin. she is part chinese and she was born in the pig year. thats...
  • Baby boody
  • 100_0517.jpg The cat i did for the barbie witch.
  • 100_0518.jpg i just made this. The whole thing is made of fondant.
  • 100_0426.jpg This cake took me 3 days to do all the stars.
  • 100_0424.jpg
  • 100_0423.jpg
  • 000_0367.JPG
  • 100_0368.jpg I found this in the Wilton's book. This was my first time ever using fondant. I really had fun working...
  • 100_0362.jpg
  • 100_0352.jpg
  • 100_0332.jpg
  • 100_0272.JPG This cake I did for my husband's company party. on the sides of the cake i made it look like...
  • 100_0252.JPG
  • 100_0452.jpg
  • 100_0387.jpg
  • 100_0232.JPG
  • 100_0229.JPG
  • 100_0142.JPG
  • 100_0140.JPG This cake is for the Red Hat Club that i did.
  • 100_0139.JPG
  • 000_0265.JPG
  • 000_0263.JPG This is what the side looks like up close. I wish the loops were a little more even. But for...
  • 000_0262.JPG It was one of the first cakes i did in class.
  • 000_0110.JPG
  • 100_0181.JPG I made this for a Halloween party last year

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