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  •  May The Force Be With You   8 inch , 5 inch WASC with buttercream. Cheesecake pudding filling
  •  Basketball   7" cake with butttercream frosting.
  •  Luau   8" , 5" WASC with buttercream.
  •  Half Birthday   Vanilla cupcakes with bettercream icing.
  •  Spongebob   5" vegan cake for a boy with allergies. He had to have Spongebob.
  •  Purple Themed Bat Mitzvah   Used the Wilton (2 cake mix) book pan. Placed 2 flower nails on each side of the book before baking. Gumpaste flowers
  •  Skateboard   8", 5" WASC with chocolate filling. Got idea from kikikaikai and dnrlee . For my friend who's son loves to skateboard
  •  Coconut Cake   Coconut cake, fondant accents
  •  Damask   WASC 7", lemon mouse filling, buttercream. My first attempt at Damask.
  •  Batman  7" WASC with buttercream dream frosting. Fondant accent. Whipped cheesecake flavored filling. 3 layers.Inspired by many ideas from...
  •  Candy Themed Cake   8" ,5" WASC. Buttercream dream frosting and all fondant accents. The lollipops are rolled Marshmallow twists on wood dowels.
  •  Star Wars In Pink  8" chocolate cake, 6" WASC with lemon curd filling. Buttercream Dream frosting. Fondant accent. Made for a 5 year old girl that...
  •  Chocolate Cake With Daisies And Ladybug