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  • youll "bee"missed bees are fondant and beehive is all bc.  thanks for all the ideas on cc.
  • skateboard the "cake" is a rice krispy treat, wheels are doughnuts with butterfinger cookie crisp
  • poopy cake i did this for a girl at work, she is always talking about poop!  the poop is tootsie rolls melted...
  • birthday cup cakes
  • pregnant lady butter cake, with all buttercream icing.  this was for a baby shower and all they said was that they wanted...
  • pool ball cupcakes these are choc cupcakes with buttercream icing
  • jumpman cake for my nephews bday.  jumpman is colorflow
  • basketball cupcakes i did these for my nephews bday- he plays basketball and i did them to go with his cake.
  • flip flops in the sand cupcakes these are cupcakes with buttercream icing, dipped in brown sugar.  the flip flops are fondant
  • flip flop bday cake i did a 2 layer 8inch pan cake.  i cut it to look like flip flops.  its all buttercream, with...
  • stawberry cupcakes cupcakes with creamcheese icing, topped with sprinkles and strawberry pieces
  • Strawberry Cake Strawberry cake, with cream cheese icing, a layer of strawberry jam in the middle of the two layers, chocolate dipped...
  • happy spring i made this cake as a thank you for someone.  all bc and the flowers are made out of fondant...
  • tow truck 1/2 sheet cake i did this with edible transfer
  • fish cake i made the fish hook out of fondant with gummy worm.  and the cake is all bc
  • xbox 360 cake and controllers controllers are made of rice crispy treats
  • xbox 360 xbox 360 cake- the cake is strawberry with choc pudding in the between the layers.  the controllers are rice crispy...
  • cookie monster cookie monster cupcakes
  • christmas present and cupcakes i stole the idea from here on CC
  • box full of daisies
  • fondant daisy cake
  • practice fondant cake this was my first with time working with fonadant.
  • gator cake i did this for a guys birthday, he was sharing with his church youth group.  it was my first "paying"...
  • anniversary cake i was again just practicing and getting rid of some icing i didnt want to waste. but it was our...
  • drop flower cake ok, so this could be a UT cake b/c of the colors.  but it was just for practice on my...
  • Daisy cake this was my first non class cake for real.
  • cupcakes i made these to go with the house cake.  just cuz i was bored!
  • first clowns these are my first clowns i did for class.  they went airborn on the way to class.  (thats why the...
  • my first roses my first roses on a cake
  • first baset weave i did this for graduation of wilton II
  • New Home Cake i did this cake when my brother moved into a new house!
  • Tower Birthday