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  •  Pumpkin Cake   Nothing major. Just a pumpkin cake
  •  Grasshopper Cookie Cake   This cake is a big cookie cake pan. I used mint filling inside to make it a "grasshopper" cake
  •  40Th Birthday Cake   I made this cake for my 40th birthday. I used Cake Tattoo around the bottom 2 layers.
  •  Baby Shower Cake With Candy Decorations
  •  Train Engine Cake
  •  Batman Cake
  •  Tuxedo Groom's Cake   Tuxedo cake done with chocolate fondant.
  •  Purple Dinosaur Not Barney   This is a cake of a purple dinosaur done for a birthday party.
  •  3-D Christmas Tree  Stacked cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. There are 9 layers to this cake. It was my husband's idea to put the lights on it, even...
  •  Alligator Cupcake Cake   This was a cake done for a Sweet 16 party. The birthday girl loves alligators and was thrilled when she saw her cake.
  •  Fresh Flower Wedding Cake
  •  Kiera's Birthday   Photo of a cake I did for a 1-year old birthday
  •  My First Tiered Cake Ever!  This cake was for my husband's office holiday party. I used white chocolate butter cream frosting for the middle layer because this...