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  •  Charlotte   3 tier whimsy cake. All decoration fondant with jewelled feathers on top. Was given this cake design by the client.
  •  Buchanan Wedding   Hand made cala lillies
  •  Love Me Tender   Wedding Cake version of a birthday cake i have done a few times before. Modelling paste Elvis and record.
  •  Ariel & Flounder   Rock carved from 8" madeira sponge. All figures and coverings made from fondant. Sea made from Royal icing.
  •  Rickenbacker Bass Guitar  Copied from a photo. On 28" long board. Carved from 2 8" Madeira cakes. Covered in fondant. All knobs and strings etc from...
  •  Clapperboard   Lots and lots of pre coloured black fondant!
  •  Minnie   All fondant.
  •  Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs  All figures and accesories made from modelling fondant. Snow White asleep after eating very small apple on the ground. Bashful hiding under...
  •  Caravan  Carved from a 10" square, covered in fondant. All extras are fondant, Cake board covered then pressed with a star nozzle to get the...
  •  Nyc  Made for a girl going to NY for her birthday (we're in Scotland so thats a good trip!). 8" round. Made skyline and signs from...
  •  Princess Peppa  MAde this one for my niece. Going for a simple look so made Princess Peppa from modelling paste (including crown and wings) and gave it all...
  •  Scotland Rugby Shirt  Carved from 2 8" square cakes. Getting the colour right was very hard! Thank goodness for ready coloured black and royal blue icing!...
  •  Little Einsteins Rocket   This is becoming very popular now! Carved 8" round. All extra bits made from modelling paste.