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  • Fireman Fireman
  • Dsc06713jpg
  • Dsc06710jpg
  • 3 Tier RING CEREMONY Cake
  • Cake in Sahpe of a CIGARETTE
  • New Year Cake
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Sunflower Shape
  • Silver Jubliee Cake Top View
  • Noddy Cartoon Chracter Noddy Cake.
  • KIWI fruit cake
  • DSC03009.JPG
  • 50th Anniversary cake 3 tier cake. 3 flavours, forest,2. butter scotch,3. pineapple. with top of fresh roses & golden leaves.
  • A farm House
  • fruit crush cake
  • fresh fruit
  • a clown
  • a JUNGLE cake
  • fresh fruit
  • football field A cake for a 5 yrs old kid.
  • fresh fruit In India fruits are available in variety in particular season. this cake was made in may 2008. can be made...
  • Aeroplane A cake designed for 2 year old kid.
  • DSC02991.JPG the customer is Adviser with Max NEWYORK Life Insurance Co. he gives a complimentry cake to every body who takes...
  • pink heart
  • double flavour cake 2 flavor vanilla butterscotch were used. half of the heart is in white half is in yellow
  • orange delight orange flavored cake
  • butter scotch cake
  • Floral cake 2 tier cake, vanilla cream, floral garland made with creams of various colour.
  • Engagement cake
  • Dsc02673.jpg
  • Dsc02472.jpg
  • Dsc02456.jpg
  • Dsc02454.jpg
  • Black Forest cake
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Dsc02450.jpg
  • Dsc02449.jpg
  • Dsc02448.jpg
  • Dsc02447.jpg
  • Vanilla Delight
  • Cake With Champagane Bottle on it The Customer wanted something different. we made this champagne bottle with hollow chocolate.
  • Chocolate delight
  • teddy bear
  • FUN CAKE. I made this cake for my Daughter's 10th B'thday. Her friends went crazy on seeing the cake loaded with Jelly...
  • Chocolate delight
  • mango tango
  • Dsc02433.jpg
  • pineapple cake
  • mud cake
  • chocolate delight
  • Dsc02428.jpg
  • mango delight
  • Dsc02422.jpg
  • Rose Cake
  • Jungle Cake
  • Dsc02413.jpg
  • Dsc02412.jpg
  • fresh fruit gateau
  • Dsc02409.jpg
  • Dsc02406.jpg
  • chocolate truffle
  • Dsc02400.jpg
  • Dsc02399.jpg
  • Dsc02272.jpg
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Christmas Cake
  • Dsc02280.jpg
  • Dsc02281.jpg
  • Dsc02282.jpg
  • Dsc02283.jpg
  • Dsc02285.jpg
  • blueberry cake blueberry cake coated, vanilla cake base, vanilla cream.
  • Baloon Cake This cake was 2nd cake served on my Daughter's 5th B'thday. Baloons outline Piped with chocolate filled with coloured GELs.
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake Made this for my Daughter's 5th Birthday. Choco Truffles, Banana, Strawberry  shaped Jellies were used. Cake was Wiped off in...
  • Super Pineapple A xmas cake gifted to our Friend's Daughter.
  • Strawberry Flavoured Strawberry flavour was added to the cream,Roses were made by Marzipan.Real tough time to make Roses in hot climate.
  • Chocolate Zebra A later of chocolate cream  was used to make the sides, then cream layer was layered over it. A fork...
  • Fresh Fruit Lots of different coloured fruits were used to make it look colorful. 3 layers were cut each filled with cream,...
  • Rich strawberry My first fresh fruit cake made on 6.01.07. I started my cake business in Nov 2006. Till now made Plenty...

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