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  • Webkins Pink Pig
  • Heineken Bottle
  • Peacock Themed Wedding
  • Kate Spade Purse
  • vette
  • Jack Daniels Birthday
  • Baby Blocks
  • Pregnant Belly Bikini
  • Harley Birthday
  • 30th Birthday This cake was done for a girls 30th birthday and the slew of things on there are important markers of...
  • Western Cowboy Horseshoe
  • Baby Shower Blocks
  • Princess Disney Castle
  • Nintendo Wii Birthday The birthday boys were really into the Nintendo Wii as well as the Super Mario Brothers.  THis was my best...
  • Harley Birthday This cake was made to look like the birthday boys actual cake.....he was pretty stoked!
  • '53 Chevrolet Convertible This cake was modeled after the birthday boys first car, a '53 chevy.
  • Georgia License Plate
  • Firemans Helmet This cake was for a couples engagement party.  He is a firefighter and she is a nurse (hence the stethescope)...
  • Chinese Takeout
  • Peas in a Pod This was for a lady who already had one daughter and was having twin girls, the letters are their monograms....
  • Elmo Birthday!
  • Retirement Couch This was for a customer who was leaving her office job to work from home.  Thanks for looking!
  • Boat/Exercise This cake was for an engagement party.  The groom is really into boating and the bride is an exercise fanatic.....being...
  • Mah Jongg Tiles The lady was having a "high stakes" mah jongg tournament....i must be outta the look because this was the first...
  • A LEGO birthday!
  • Surfers on Wave Heres the close up picture from the graduation cake.
  • Surf Graduation This was made for 2 boys graduating from HS, the mother asked for.....something incorporating a Tornado, as that was their...
  • Stetson Hat This cake was made for a wonderful guy graduating from Stetson University.....this was my first attempt at a hat.....tfl
  • Treasure chest The theme of the customers party was, "we treasure our volunteers"  Thanks for looking!
  • Flamingo Birthday
  • Octopus Cake The customer who ordered this was taking it to the grand opening of an ice cream shop in our area....
  • Purple Heart box open Okay, here is the follow up to the previous picture with the lid off the box.  Thanks for looking
  • 300 Cupcakes (closeup) Heres a closer view of the multitude of cupcakes!
  • 300 Cupcakes! A request for 300 cupcakes is somewhat daunting, however they turned out so darn cute!  The shells on top I...
  • Blue Blazer This was for a ladys 85th birthday.  She is in love with pearls and from what I hear has this...
  • Seashell Wedding
  • Buzz Lightyear This was for a 4 year olds birthday, the "moon" and buzz are made out of cake, his head and...
  • Tons of Daisies This was a birthday cake for 2 girls.....this cake was prior to the names and decorating the board....the girls were...
  • Nautical Wedding This is my first wedding cake....breathing a big sigh of relief tonight that all went well!  Thanks for looking!
  • Beer Pong ....and the strange cake requests keep coming!  The mugs are made of RKT covered in fondant....the foam is royal icing....this...
  • UNC Tarheels Birthday This cake was for a customers birthday who is currently a student at UNC.  Thanks for looking!
  • Teal & Purple Birthday This cake was done for a sweet 9 year old little girl.  These were her favorite colors and also the...
  • Easter Eggs Cake is covered in fondant.  "eggs" are chocolate cake also covered in fondant.  Thanks for looking!
  • Bluebrown.JPG
  • Graham.JPG
  • aliciamatt.JPG
  • tiffany.JPG
  • Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy
  • Sweet 16 Top View Here is the top of the cake.  If a cut-out piece of fondant with the design done in piping gel....
  • Sweet 16 Pink/Green Full View of Cake....picture of top to follow
  • Sweet 16
  • Baby Blocks These cakes were made for a baby shower.  Each is a 5X5 square, covered in MMF with Fondant accents.  The...
  • Shark Topsy Turvy
  • Pink Mendhi Candles Fondant covered cake.  Piping is free-hand done with piping gel, candles are made out of fondant.  Thanks for looking
  • Shopping Bag Cake was made for a 15th birthday girl.  Shopping bag is 3 layers of cake covered in fondant with fondant...
  • Nantucket.JPG This is a four layer cake covered in MMF with fondant accents. The handle is gumpaste and the top white...
  • Box of Cigars
  • Blue Mendhi Birthday
  • Mendhi Birthday
  • Silver Oak Wine 2 Am kinda bummed with how this picture came out as in person the "wine" flowing was a burgundy tone....unfortunately here...
  • Mendhi_Tiered.JPG Cakes covered in fondant.  design freehanded in piping gel.  Thanks for looking!
  • Butterflies.JPG 3 layer cake covered in fondant w fondant leaves and gumpaste butterflies
  • Bag of Goodies! Cake is 4 layers covered in fondant.  All "candy" pieces are made out of fondant/gumpaste.
  • DSCN0262.JPG
  • Ocean_View.JPG
  • CAbi Dress This cake was for the spring launch of a customers clothing line.  Cakes are covered in fondant with fondant accents,...
  • Sarah.JPG This cake was for a couples wedding shower....their them was beach/ocean/tropical....so this is what I came up with.  3 tiers...
  • Reeses Cup 2 layer covered in fondant.  Fondant Accents
  • Black & White Cake
  • DSCN0729.JPG
  • 100_2557.JPG
  • 100_2571.JPG
  • 100_2566.JPG
  • 100_2551.JPG
  • Silver Oak Wine Bottle
  • Christmas Box
  • Time Square New Years
  • Paisley Gift
  • Pink Cowboy Boot For a 5 year olds birthday party....they went to a campgound and had a father/daughter weekend.  How cool is that!?
  • Polar Express Train This cake was for a kindergarten class Christmas party and PE was the theme.  Was so wonderful when I delivered...
  • True Religion Jeans Front View 2 layers with MMF, accents are fondant and gumpaste
  • True Religion Jeans 2 layers carved in shape covered in MMF....seams and label are fondant and button is gumpaste.
  • Dumbell Cake
  • Sushi Cake This cake was for a sushi party, so it was very apropose...all sushi pieces are edible and are made out...
  • Turkey Thanksgiving Cake Cake is covered in fondant, carrots and corn are made of gumpaste....this was really fun to make!
  • Turkey
  • Skull and Crossbones
  • Sushi for ALL! This cake was super fun to make and not all too difficult...was kinda experimenting with different mediums and painting techniques.
  • Sugar Free Red Bull This was tons of fun to make, and not too difficult!  Very apropose for someone who drinks upwards of 6...

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