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  •  White And Rainbows   Inspired by the new Planet Cake book.
  •  Chanel Bag Cake   A guy ordered this for his girlfriend
  •  Sushi Platter   Made for my friend's birthday.
  •  Paris Inspiration
  •  Car Logo Cupcakes   Made these for a friend who loves luxuary cars!
  •  Little Bears
  •  Growing Your Love   made these awhile ago but thought they would be good for valentines day :)
  •  Melbourne Cup Cupcakes   Cupcakes i made for work to celebrate Melbourne cup.
  •  Louis Vuitton Handbag Cupcake   Made for a guy who has a girlfriend that loves Louis Vuitton.
  •  Fairy Tale Cupcakes   I saw this awhile ago from
  •  Farewell Globe Cake  This is my first round cake and the initial covering of the cake was more challenging than i thought but it was a lot of fun :) I made this...
  •  Cupcake Tower  My First Cupcake tower... i even made the stand myself :) this is for my friend's birthday and it's got 3 different flavours -...
  •  Baby Boy Mini Cake  Made this for a lady at work who is going off to have a baby boy today... this was alot of fun and inspired by Aine2's incredible work...