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  • CupCakes Made my 1st CupCake Stand Lemon Cake with Cream Cheese Icing topped with strawberry. Thanks to Antonia74
  • Rios_Graduation_Cake.JPG I did this right after watching The Totally Topsy Tury Cake DVD. I did what Sharon suggested not doing cutting...
  • Carrie Cake Buttercream cake with yellow cake . Bow made out fondant with pearl luster dust.
  • December.JPG This is a red velvet cake/raspberry buttercream filling. Gumpaste flowers and fondant.
  • Fashion_Cookies.JPG Working on my fashion clothing line with cookies. Some I did in a class and the rest I pratice at...
  • Baby_Shower.jpg
  • 40s_Cake.JPG This was for a 40th birthday. It is a 40's malt liquor bottle made out of rice krispies covered in...
  • Pearl.jpg I just did this cake dummy. The flowers I learned from Edna's teaching lessons. Gumpaste flowers and fondant.
  • cookies.JPG I used Antonia royal icing and I made my own cutters. This was my second time in doing cookies.
  • Deigo.JPG This was for a child's birthday. My first cake like this Diego.
  • Dogwood.JPG
  • Fall_Special.jpg
  • Orange_Special.jpg
  • Winnie_The_Pooh.jpg Buttercream cake. My version of winnie the pooh. The smaller cake was for the parents.
  • Birthday Cake This was my  1st big project. The smaller cakes were centerpieces. I used fondant  and the cake  inside was yellow...
  • Wedding Cake I did this cake for a co-worker. This was a yellow cake with buttercream. Used brown ribbon  with gumpaste flowers.
  • Silver & White I did this cake for my cousin's wedding. Yellow cake with buttercream. Fondant with silver luster dust.
  • Big Fish I made this for a birthday. I used fondant and luster dust. This was my 1st cake I ever tried...
  • Black & White This a cake dummy. It is made out of fondant. The topper is wire and beads. It has a asian...
  • Groomes__cake.JPG Golf Bag
  • Baby_Presents.JPG Baby Shower cake for a girl