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  •  Sweet And Simple   :D So I decided to make my OWN wedding cake. After doing so many for other people, it was finally...
  •  Sweet 16   Square cakes with swirls. Pretty simple. Fondant shoe on top.
  •  Pink Tiffany Box   The directions I got for these were very specific. The bow HAD to be like a tiffany box bow. No...
  •  Chocolate Overload!   This cake is chocolate inside and out :D Mousse filling, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate ganache. The bride...
  •  Fun, But Not My Favorite Color.   This color, yeah, it is EXACTLY what the bride asked for. I just do my job. The flowers are all...
  •  Last Minute   A "day of the contest" cake thrown together in a few hours. Based off an idea from a book. The...
  •  Boxes
  •  Purse   Close up of a purse, made out of fondant.
  •  Silver Swirls   The swirls are piped on, then hand painted over with edible silver paint.
  •  Block Cake
  •  Carousel   The horses are made of fondant, and painted with food coloring.
  •  Purse Cake   For a woman opening a jewelry/purse shop.
  •  Butterflies   This is a copy *and a pretty good, if I do say so myself ;)* of a picture from a...

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