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  • Macaroon Vanilla canache
  • Whipped Cream Strawberries Raspberries Vanilla Bavaroise Raspberrie Mousse Whipped cream, strawberries, raspberries, vanilla bavaroise, raspberrie mousse
  • Birthday cake Happy sweet 13
  • Verk? Castle White weddingcake with Pionies and pearls
  • Brusched embroidery Playing with royal icing. Brusched embroidery and lace
  • Simple and romantic
  • KR Weddingcake with Anemones
  • White winter
  • The Weddingcake Is Decorated With Red Roses Spray Roses Arctic Bramble And Raspberry Twigs And The Mini Weddingcakes Were Decorated With The weddingcake is decorated with red roses, spray roses, arctic bramble and raspberry twigs. And the mini weddingcakes were decorated...
  • Make up store A cake for the Opening ceremony at make up store
  • Victorias Secret
  • Vintage
  • Brushed embroidery Brushed embroidery with 3D flowers.
  • Happy birthday Alicia
  • Gallery557221256976723
  • Brushed Embroidery
  • Congrats to Erik and Camilla
  • Calla Weddingcake My first tree-tier Weddingcake. Filled with Strawberrymousse, sliced Strawberrys and White chocolate mousse
  • Iceskating Lemoncupcake with raspberry and Vanillacream
  • Pippi Lemoncupcake with raspberry and Vanillacream
  • Pretty in Pink Lemon cupcakes with Vanilla/Orange cream. Sugarroses
  • Simplicity Simple cake with a butterfly and pearls in sugarpaste
  • Dad we love you endlessly
  • Sweets of fall Hello kitty and My melodyChocolate cake filled with toffee, white chocolate cream, strawberrys, canache and whipped cream.
  • To my rose Birthday cake to one of my best friends. My rose
  • Weddingcakes
  • Lavender Lavendermousse and Raspberrymousse cake
  • Congrats Lisa
  • Halloween cupcakes
  • White roses and Rowanberries Cake for a friends daugher! She wanted cakes for here birtday!
  • Birthdaycake for my daughter Filled with White chocolate mousse and Tropical fruit. Covered with dark chocolate! Peony made of Flowerpaste
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty cake filled with toffee cream and Raspberrymousse
  • Wilmas one year old cake-Princess Filled with toffee and Raspberrymousse
  • Violets Mini cakes with violets. Filled with toffee and Raspberrymousse and cream.
  • A bit of Nature My way of making a bit och nature mixed with fantasy!
  • A piece of water A cake for my daughter, just finisched the danceclass for the season. Filled with Vanillamousse and Raspberrymousse
  • Chocolate cake Choklate cake with Roses and Mock orange blossom. Filled with White Chocolatemousse and Strawberrymousse.
  • Shackle A shackle for .......Filled with toffecream and chocolate. Covered with chocolate and painted with black and silver
  • Eastercake
  • Christophers Cake Coverd with dark chocolade and filled with White Choklademousse and Strawberrymousse. Decorations made in Sugarpaste and Flowerpaste mixed.
  • Moms cake
  • To my hearts This cake is a little bit delayed... but what to do, when the kids are sick?
  • White roses My first white roses. They are gonna get leafes and stem.
  • Rose practise Roses in flowerpaste.
  • Tiara Tiara made of Royal icing
  • Purple My first brushed embroidery... It was so fun...
  • Beautiful day in the woods My christmas-birthday cake... Wanted to try making a Deer... Now I have... *smile*
  • Santas helpers The left helper is not finished yet.. A rabbit (if it ends up well) is going to sit by his...
  • Loop bow
  • The queen of Spiders This is the first time that I am trying to do a dress. Not that easy with the material.. Covered...
  • My first Weddincakes.. Covered with sugarpaste.. The decorations is made of flowerpaste.
  • Alicias cake
  • My first fairy Made of sugarpaste..
  • My first baby... My first babygirl, made of Sugarpaste and Flowerpaste.. I love her already

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