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  • hawian_2.jpg
  • My first poured ganache Chocolate cake, whipped ganache filling, poured ganache, chocolate buttercream decor, airbrushed gumpaste calla lillies
  • skateboarding cake
  • My daughters and nieces baptisim cake all buttercream except for the butterflies and fence, they are color flow. I don't think that I realized to use...
  • My first real cake I made this cake 7 years ago. I can't remember anything except it is buttercream and maybe royal frosting flowers.
  • spring birthday chocolate cake with buttercream, gumpaste flowers
  • spring birthday a chocolate cake with bbc and fondant. gum paste flowers butterflies and bees.
  • DSCF2221.JPG
  • 40th / 35th Birthday cake 12" bottom chocolate with buttercream 8" top with white cake and buttercream covered in mmf decorated with gum paste, edible...
  • Winter snowman cake fondant snowmen with cooked fluffy frosting
  • IMG_1056.JPG castle cake. towers made of mmf and covered in mmf. 2 tier 12" square bottom and 10'" round top.
  • Disney Cars My first ffm, I loved making it. I got a lot of inspiration from the other cakes on this site....
  • IMG_0483.JPG 1st grade thank youcake for teacher
  • IMG_0486.JPG 1st grade thank you cake for teacher
  • mickey minny cake made with a tobas glaze design
  • Whipped cream with strawberries A 3 layer white cake with strawberries and stabalized whipped cream. The top is a white chocolate disc with chocolate...
  • oo la la bc transfer with buttercream and chocolate cake
  • groovy girls bc transfer
  • snow flake cake
  • groovy girls this was my first bc transfer, I found it very easy and I love the way they come out.
  • Birthday creamcheese frosting w/ red velvet cake, I cut it on angle
  • Cowgirl/rodeo cake a buttercream and chocolate cake
  • barbie princess this was a barbie cake made of stablized whipped cream and white cake w/ ice cream inside
  • thomas birthday a train cake pan was used with a yellow cake mix and buttercream icing
  • a spirit filled birthday a chocolate cate with buttecream frosting. I used ediable paper for the images.