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  •  Fourth Of July  Yellow butter cake covered with ganache and fondant...This is my first time using ganache and trying to get a sharp edge. It was a little...
  •  Dog Days Of Summer...  I'm having a blast..I've been out of the cake decorating loop since going back to work as a teacher 3 years ago and I've...
  •  Gumpaste Slipper   Tinkering with my first gumpaste shoe.... Inspired by Kerry Vincent from her Romantic Wedding Cakes book.
  •  Whimsical Fantasy Flowers  Feeling a little rusty since this was only the second cake I've made this year..It was fun!! Fondant with gumpaste fantasy flowers and...
  •  Volunteer Reception Cake   WASC w/raspberry filling iced in whipped icing. Flowers are made from fondant/gumpaste mix.
  •  Patchwork Cutters Daisies   I was playing around with my Patchwork Cutters and made these.
  •  Baptism Cake   Buttercream with fondant bows and flowers. The idea for this cake came from the The Pink Cake Box .
  •  Demo Bows   These are bows from a demo I did awhile back.
  •  School Volunteer Reception
  •  Father's Day Cake...   Chocolate Buttercream with buttercream roses and edible image.
  •  Just A Fun Halloween Cake...   Buttercream with color flow letters and ghosts and fondant pumpkins..
  •  Buttercream With Royal Icing Flowers And Edible Image.
  •  Chocolate Fondant With Gumpaste Bow And Fall Leaves  I did this cake awhile ago...It was chocolate fondant, gumpaste leaves and bow. I don't know what I was thinking with the red...