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  •  Sample Cake For The Bride  Doing a wedding cake for a friend. She said to do any thing I want. For a sample, I did the entire top tier of the 3 tier cake I want to do...
  •  Solar System   Used the spots ball pan for the sun. Planets are styraphome balls covered in fondant.
  •  Webkinz Wheel Of Wow   All details made of fondant.
  •  Babies And Blocks   Carrot Cake with crusting cream cheese icing. All details made in fondant.
  •  Fondant Babies And Bears
  •  Mouse Cake
  •  Fondant Mouse
  •  Fishy
  •  Flower Cupcakes  Vanilla cupcakes with fudge frosting. Snipped marshmellows with &m centers for the flowers. Sprayed a bit of yellow in the center of...
  •  Artists Cake   Party for the end of my kids art class Vanilla/Cherry "poke" cake. Whipped cream icing. All decorations made from fondant.
  •  Supergirl_Birthday_Cake.jpg   Supergirl. Strawberry cake with vanilla bc icing. Badge is made out of fondant.
  •  Wedding_Cake.jpg   My first wedding cake. Classic white cake with a lemon icing. Silk flowers.
  •  Zombie  Devils food cake (of course) with a choc/hazelnut filling and double fudge icing. This is my first tier! All decorations are made of...

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