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  • Baby Bottom Set On Top Of Pillow Baby Bottom set on top of pillow.
  • Wedding Cake This was a wedding cake from a few years ago... before the flowers were added
  • Purple Presents
  • Cancer Survivors Birthday This was a cake made for a woman who was celebrating her birthday and being a recent survivor of cancer!
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary This is a cake I made recently for a wonderful couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.This was a replica of...
  • Gel Dot Wedding Cake #2! Apparently the gel dot idea is a hit! Here is another version of a wedding cake I just did this...
  • My First Wedding Cake Ever! This was the very first wedding cake I ever made! It's difficult to see the detail, but it is a...
  • 90th Birthday! This cake was made for a gentleman that was turning 90! As you can see from the dates and info...
  • Wedding  Cake This is a white cake with a different filling on each layer, cream cheese icing, gel dots, and fresh flowers!
  • Birthday Cake For A Former Colonel This is a photo of a cake my daughter and I did for a gentleman that was turning 90! This...
  • Fondant Decorated Cake This cake was made for a local bake sale
  • Heart Wedding Cake This is a photo of a recent wedding cake before it had the topper ,etc.
  • Hot Wheels Birthday Cake This cake was done for a little boy who loved hot wheels

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