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  •  Hoppy 2 C U Frog Cake   I am a big frog collector and when i seen this pan I knew I just had to use it...
  •  Dora Birthday Cake   I did this one for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She Loved it!!! :-)
  •  Me 2 U Bear   Made this for my besfriends birthday and she absolutely loved it,she loves me 2 u bear. sorry the size, for...
  •  Easter Bunny Cake   I love to do these every year and everyone loves them. I just took a roundcake and cut it in...
  •  Birthday Cake   I love this cake pan because you can do so much with them.
  •  Harley Davidson Cake   I made this cake for a friend of mine. First try, They loved it :-)
  •  Baby Shower Cake   I made this for a friend, it is suppose to be a rug and I put a bassinetontop and some...
  •  Blues Clues Cake   I made this cake for my nephew for his 1st birthday.
  •  Lord Of The Rings   I made this cake for my friends Son. It was alittle hard making thering but for my first time, I...
  •  Hands Down   My kids helped make this for fathers day this year, I traced there hands on the cake. They had a...

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