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  • Green and blue 2 tiers Vanilla sponge cake with Dulce de leche filling. Buterflies are made 50% MMF and Gumpaste.Thanks for looking.
  • Baptism cupcakes
  • Ladybug cake I made this for my daughter 2nd b-day, she loved it!!!
  • blast off Vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling. Cover in MMF everything is MMF except the sun and the stars which...
  • Bluw edding cake Inspiration from SogoodSara. Carrot cake with MMF. TFL
  • Baptism Inspiration Cakes_060. Vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling. Everything else is MMF. TFL
  • Garden Dream Chocolate cake with Caramel Fudge filling. All decoratons are made in MMF except the little girl
  • Camp Rock Inspiration from beachcakes and Carey1. Vanilla cake with 3 layers of chocolate filling. Everything is MMF except the guitar which...
  • Baptism Vanilla cake with chocolate filling. MMF and Gumpaste angel
  • Angelitos.JPG Vanilla sponge cake with Nutella filing covered in MMF. Angels are made of gumpaste.
  • Bugs bunny Vanilla sponge cake with Nutella filling bakes in wonder mold pan. Inspiration from CC member it was my niece who...
  • Mata.JPG Vanilla cake with chocolate filling covered in MMF. Flowers are Gumpaste.. I used the wondermold pan . TFL
  • Wedding shower Vanila cake with chocolate filling and MMF decoration.TFL
  • Druken boxing Vanilla Cake with MMF and Gumpaste figuirines. TFL
  • Hollywood B-day Inspiration from CC member MOOJ beautifull cake!!!Vanila cake with dulce de leche filling. Covered in MMF. Gumpaste stars and RI...
  • First wedding cake Chocolate cake with chocolate filling covered in MMF scrollwork is RI. And fresh flowers.TFL
  • Barbie Cake Vanilla Cake with MMF. Actually I didnt like how this cake turned out, the skirt should have had ruffles. But...
  • Elmo I made this for my dayghters 1s b-day, she loves plaza sesamo. WASC Dulce de leche cake (Macs mom recipe)...
  • Hanna Montana Birthday Cake Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate filling. 8"+6"+loaf pan cut to fit.TFL
  • 15 b-day party Vanilla sponge with cheese cake mousse filling. 14",10",6".TFL
  • Suitcase Cake Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate and peanut butter mousse filling with MMF.Customer sent me picture so I dont know where...
  • Hallowen Cake I made this for a 2year old boy b-day party. It was a great hit. Inspiration from Cakecentral Member, sorry...
  • Hanna Montana Vanilla sponge cake with MMF decorations
  • Teddy bear Vanilla sponge cake with MMF. Teddy bear is also made of MMF.Inspiration from cake central member.
  • Birthday SPA vanilla sponge cake with dulce de leche filling. Everything is MMF.TFL