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  • Eiffel Cake
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  • Frog in Flowers Color flow frog and mmf with real flowers.
  • Pink and Orange Play Time MMF in pink, more pink and orange.  TFL.
  • Hibiscus MMF hibiscus, leaves and starfish
  • Peace Croquembouche There probably hasn't been one of these made outside of France since 1971.  It was a birthday cake for our...
  • Halloween Cookies TFL.
  • Mummy cake Ganache under MMF.  Happy Halloween everyone!
  • Spooky Tree Cake with Owl and Moon All MMF.  Thanks.
  • Pregnant Belly My thanks to RiLinNa who I shamelessly copied.
  • Monster Cupcakes Buttercream monsters.  They're watching you...
  • Pink and Black Scroll Pink MMF with black royal, silver wire ribbon.
  • Pig and Daisies Two-tiered cake dressed in MMF with daisies using a fondant punch.  Silver piggy bank was my mother's.
  • Farm Cookies Sheep done with grass tip, much easier than one strand at a time.
  • Sheila Chocolate cake covered with poured ganache.  White fondant roses.
  • Cats for Tacy I went for a British feel for this cake.  Yellow cake with lemon curd filling.  The cats are a Lenox...
  • Pink Daisy Cupcakes
  • Lilly My answer to a Camp Rock cake.  MMF with dragees.
  • Emma's Pink Skull Buttercream with MMF accents.
  • Island Cake For my daughter's sixth birthday.  Coconut cake with lemon curd and coconut buttercream filling.  Covered in fondant with MMF accents....
  • Petit Flower Cakes Ganache with buttercream five-petal flowers.
  • Summer Picnic MMF with royal icing "petunias".  Wilton's petunias look more like tropical flowers to me, but...
  • Sue
  • Stephanie Inspired by Cakes by Allison.  6" and 10".
  • Easter Cookies
  • Cookies & Cream White cake with cookies & cream filling.
  • Black Forest Cake Emeril's Black Forest Cake: chocolate, cherries and brandy.  Emeril's coco powder frosting.  Fondant roses.
  • Aryanna II
  • Elizabeth
  • Aryanna Covered in mmf with mmf and royal ladybugs; silk flower.  Used Martha Stewart's "glassine" paper to cover board and it...
  • Sea Critter Cookies Fish cookies, oh my!
  • Christmas Cake 2007 Five-layer chocolate cake filled with alternating ganache and raspberry cream.  Cake and balls covered in MMF.  Candy melt tiles.  Royal...
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Decorated sugar cookies for the Thanksgiving midnight snack.
  • Devil Duckies! A unique cake for a unique friend.  Marbled MMF with store-bought rubber duckies.
  • Basketweave with blue and pink daisies. This is what happens when your color flow baby head breaks.  It turned out OK.
  • Pink Flowers Oval Pink roses, apple blossoms and pseudo primroses.  This is my first attempt at the upside down icing technique and I...
  • Pink Dot Cake White sour cream cake with strawberry cream filling.  Pink MMF with white and lavender accents.  Mother wanted a toy tiara...
  • Horse Cake Chocolate cake with oreo cream filling and poured ganache.  Horses are toys of the little birthday girl.  Fence is fondant,...
  • Pretty Part Cake Mini cakes: 5" and 3".  Rose centers not nearly as dark as the picture shows.  Mostly fondant with a little...
  • Heart Cookies