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  •  Classic Rose Wedding Cake Top View   Royal Roses White butter cream on White cake with lemon filling
  •  Classic Rose Wedding Cake   Royal Roses White butter cream on White cake withlemon filling
  •  Bratz   chocolate cupcake cake. frozen buttercream transfer on chocolate buttercream.
  •  Eye Cakeball Truffels  I got the idea for these from CC and thought it would be great for a party I was invited to. I had been saving cake scraps from the last...
  •  Haunted House   White cake in butter cream. royal icing and mmf details.
  •  Baby Shower   mmf baby, handles and baby stuff. french vanilla cake and buttercream.
  •  Dracula   mmf dracula in a vanilla and carmel cake. buttercrem decorated cake with mmf lid.
  •  Elmo And Cookie Monster Cake Diagram  A lot of questions about this cake I hope this helps some of you. When you place the head and shoulders on the corner it sticks out a bit...
  •  Pirates Of The Caribbean  Cupcake cakes chocolate with chocolate frosting and white with vanilla frosting. the black pearl ship and captain jack sparrow are frozen...
  •  Cheese Cake With Jack Chocolate Bottle   this is a plain cheese cake with a chocolate Jack bottle on top with a tiny store bought candy bottle next to it.
  •  Tongue Piercing   strawberry cake with buttercream frosting the tounge is rolled buttercream and the ball is fondant on a dowle. the teeth are also fondant
  •  Boxing Gloves   yellow cake with buttercream frosting
  •  Baby Bassinet  white cupcake cake colored pink and blue and royal icing hood with candy clay baby,bear, and bottle. fondant cover on baby and buttercream...